Gathering places in our backyards are areas where friends and family members can get together for pleasant conversation, dining and relaxing. However, some people live in areas that get so cold that they just can't bear to stay Slate Fire Pitoutdoors in their own backyard. The solution would be to either abandon your outdoor space or find another solution. You may have considered purchasing an outdoor heater. These can provide warmth but are bulky, expensive and require replacement propane tanks. The quaint charm or a fire pit can bring not only warmth but can stand as a centerpiece for your yard. There is truly nothing like gathering around a fire pit and listening to the iconic crackle of the wood. They are exceptionally easy to use. You simply place a couple logs into the pit and light it up for several hours of warmth.


You may consider just digging a pit outdoors and placing a couple logs inside. This, however, can be dangerous because the fire can spread easily. Pets and children can all too easily trip and fall inside out of curiosity. Fire pits are specifically designed to contain fires in a controlled and safe manner. The typical model consists of a pit of some type attached to legs. The legs keep the unit sturdy and prevent tip-overs. They usually come with a mesh lid to prevent hands from touching the fire and to stop ash from flying around. More elaborate models are shaped like a small fireplace and have a door on the front where logs are placed inside. These box-like structures have mesh on all sides to provide 360 degree warmth. Each style is truly a matter of personal taste. You can find all sorts of styles and designs ranging from rustic to modern. A fire pit can both blend in and stand out at the same time because of their unique look and color options that are available.


There are several things to consider when buying a fire pit. First you need to determine about how many people will be enjoying its warmth. The bowls that the logs are kept in can range in sizes. Obviously more logs can be placed in larger bowls, leading to a bigger fire and more coverage for everyone. If your immediate family and friends are few in number, but you have occasional get-togethers, it could be wise to purchase a large pit for these events. People typically sit around the fire pit in chairs, so be sure to account for the width of each. Fireplace type fire pits almost always consist of a steel frame and mesh. Bowl type pits can range from steel to wrought iron, with different bowls such as copper and steel. The bold color of pure copper is an exceptional addition to any backyard.

Additional Designs

There are a couple more prominent fire pit designs you may want to consider. The fire ball design is a large mesh sphere that you can put logs in. The sphere comes apart halfway to allow access. If you are set on digging a pit out back, you can make it safe by using a fire ring. This is simply a steel ring that is placed around the perimeter of the fire.