An educated and responsible user caters to the fact that certain information is not to be shared on devices. If they are to be shared then certain trusted sites must be used for the transmission. After businesses, it is the turn of consumers to take care of their personal data and be themselves responsible of the relevancy of the shared resources. Many rules and regulations are to be facilitated for enhanced implementation of IoT. There is also the need to implement Mobile Programming Strategies and best practices to ensure a diversified mobile implementation. But till that time, it should be an individualistic approach to prevent any security breaches. Let us follow certain practices to keep our lives camouflaged while being connected at the same time:


Using Antivirus software and personal firewalls on devices: Several free antivirus services are available on the internet. Download and use them on personal computers. Keep updating these services regularly to keep your system and your information on the system safe. Also using the firewall for your operating system is great as it blocks any malicious communication that could damage your system security.

Updation of applications and operating system : The entire process of updating the applications and operating system is tedious and time taking but it is worth all the wait as well as effort.

Do not download pirated software : Downloading and using pirated software is illegal. Also these could hamper the security of your personal computer . If such a software has been in use over a corporate computer, then it could leak important and confidential information of your organisation.

Exercise care with Email Attachments : Email attachments that are not intended or expected must not be opened or viewed. Such emails should be deleted or sent to spam.

Do not connect to public WiFi without using secure connection : VPN connection make sure that any unintended user is not able to steal your data. This is extremely mandatory for a corporate user.

Watch your online accounts : Bank accounts, auction accounts and mobile phone accounts should be checked regularly. Several companies send you false messages, make you pay for using services and do not make any further claims.

Do not share sensitive data on Social Media : Be careful of what you share on Facebook or other such social media. Many companies monitor your data and collect it without informing you about the data being captured.

It is necessary to activate the best practices concerned with sharing data over devices. Internet of things is witnessing fast evolution and hence many upgradations need to be validated. Despite of all the benefits of IoT, information is tracked and leaked through malware. Therefore, following the above guidelines safeguards data against any malpractices.