Many people only use the free Wordpress themes that are available. There are seemingly unlimited free Wordpress themes available. There are however a lot of premium Wordpress themes available that will cost you money. These premium WordPress themes are a great choice if you are serious about your website. Here are some of the best premium WordPress themes available.

Canvas WordPress Theme by WooThemes

The Canvas theme is one of many great premium themes available from WooThemes. The Canvas theme is easily customized and the layout is easy to alter. Although this premium WordPress theme is easy to use and modify, it is a theme that is loaded with many features not available on free WordPress themes.

The Canvas theme is actually available for free, however if you want any support then you need to pay extra. The Canvas theme from WooThemes is used on countless websites. It is great for a wide variety of WordPress based websites. Everything from professional marketers to sewing clubs can be found using their easy to customize Canvas Theme.

As with all WordPress themes by WooThemes, it runs on the WooFramework. The WooFrameWork is an amazing backend that runs flawlessly with any WordPress installation. The WooFramework makes it extremely simple to get your Search Engine Optimization up to par as well as offering many really cool features including:

  • Easy To Use Sidebar Manager
  • Built-in SEO Options
  • Easily Modify Backend Options without Touching any of the Coding
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Auto Sizing Thumbnails
  • Custom Branding on the Backend for Multiple User Websites
  • 1 Click Theme Upgrades

This premium theme is free, so you might as well install the Canvas theme and the WooFramework so you can see how easy it is to use and how smooth and fast the theme runs. With the Canvas Theme combined with the WooFramework you can make any element on your website look exactly the way you want it too. Canvas will also support child themes, so you can edit a theme to look the way you want while preserving the original for reference or backup.

Genesis Theme and Genesis Framework

The Genesis framework is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes. This theme is fluid, fast, and very easy to modify. If you need a stable theme that is east to customize and is designed for speed and SEO purposes, then the Genesis framework should be on your radar as one of the top premium WordPress themes to consider buying.

Thesis Theme from DIY Themes

Blog WeightCredit: Flickr/globalcosmic

It seems that the majority of the top bloggers Online today are using either the Genesis theme or the Thesis theme from DIY Themes.

Thesis is very similar to Genesis in that it is designed for speed, SEO, and to be an easy theme to install and use.

Premium WP Themes

Are premium themes worth paying for? Yes, they definitely are however a premium theme is not necessary if you are just starting out a new blog. You can use the Stock WordPress theme or one of the many other free WordPress themes that are available. Once you get a lot of content posted and traffic begins to build-up you can then use your Adsense or Affiliate profits to purchase one of these top best Premium WordPress themes. Lose excess 

coding that bloats your website, and use one of the top premium WP themes.