Best Prepaid Credit Card Offers

Best Prepaid Credit Card Offers

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about the top 5 prepaid credit cards and secured credit cards.

Step 1

Which are the best prepaid credit card offers is sometimes a tough decision to make. Prepaid credit cards offer an excellent solution for the budget conscious person who needs a credit card and may not have a good credit history or wants to limit spending. Prepaid credit cards also have no interest fees and you cannot overextend your credit. However, they may come with a price tag attached and it is up to you the consumer to decide which meets your spending habits and your needs.

Step 2

Almost every place is offering a prepaid credit card even grocery stores but the value of the card to you depends on the attached fees and maintenance and how and when you plan to use it.

Step 3

Prepaid credit cards are not actually credit cards but debit cards from which only the amount you have loaded on to the card can be withdrawn. The advantages to these are that there are no interest rates and you cannot go into debt further than you can afford. The disadvantages are that you do not build a credit history.

Step 4

Are there reload fees to the prepaid credit card? Some prepaid credit card offers include a small or hefty reload fee to add money to the card some may limit the way you load money to the card. You should read the terms.

Step 5

Reload options are important in selecting the best prepaid credit card for you. If you want to only add cash to the card then you would want convenient locations near you. On the other hand some prepaid cards offer direct deposit and bank transfer reload options. Read this part carefully.

Step 6

Fees for ATM withdrawals are common with prepaid credit cards, if you use your card to withdraw cash frequently then the fees attached to this will be an important factor in deciding which prepaid credit card offer is best for you.

Step 7

Prepaid credit cards such as Netspend offer a flat fee per month with no charge on transactions. While prepaid credit card offers such as AccountNow Prepaid Master card offer a credit builder option as well as no activation fee.

Tips & Warnings

Deciding which prepaid credit card offers are good for your purpose is going to be a matter of deciding how much you use it, how easy it is to reload and what fees are attached to services. In the end it is just like any other credit card offer, the best deal depends on your spending habits.

By following these steps, you will now be able to quickly compare and choose from a list of the best prepaid credit cards available today.