The best price Breville Panini Duo is in fact really cheap. I would say that this kitchen appliance is really good value for those of you who are looking for a new panini press. With this machine you can use it like a grill as well and cook sausages, pork chops and so on. But I do not do this for one simple reason. I think that to keep your sandwich press in the best condition for making sandwiches, you should only ever use it to make hot sandwiches. This is particularly true of this device. Its hot plates cannot be removed so if you get them all greasy then you will have a job on your hands to get them clean again. To be fair, the bottom plate cleans up easily because it is flat. It is the upper hot plate though that requires much more work. This is because it is ribbed. Therefore when you make toasted sandwiches in this device you get beautiful markings in the top of your sandwich. For well under one hundred dollars, I think it is worth using this machine exclusively for your panini making needs. This is still a good value purchase and if you only use it for hot sandwiches, the taste will never be affected by having greasy hot plates. I find the thought of making a hot sandwich on the same surfaces that I cook a pork chop, for instance, quite off putting.

Breville Panini Duo

If you take a look on the right hand side, should be able to see the best price Breville Panini Duo from Amazon. This brand of kitchen appliances is very popular and can be found in a number of stores as well as online shopping sites. The best price for the Panini Duo that I have found myself is through Amazon. Not only do they have a vast range of appliances on sale for but they are also known for their high level of customer care.

Making panini is really good fun and is also very easy to do. You do not really need any specific cooking skills, just a desire to create your own meals. They are really simple to make. One of my current favorites is brie, tomato and basil. Adding in some freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of salt and some olive oil really helps to bring out the flavor. There are a number of websites devoted to providing great tasting toasted sandwich recipes for free. This is what I love about the online cooking community. Everyone is keen to share their experiences of what does and does not work.

A big part of making the best panini is using one of the best sandwich presses.