For decades many individuals have been living in regular discomfort in their digestive system. Many problems of the digestive tract are identifiable and treatable however for many years some symptoms have simply proved to be elusive. In fact many common symptoms of digestive upset are simply lumped together and deemed to be one single problem known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

In recent years however the concept of probiotics have proved to be a valuable source of investigation into the problems surrounding IBS and some clinicians have identified numerous probiotic types that have shown some promise at relieving some symptoms of IBS and other related or similar digestive issues.

How Probiotic Supplements Work

To understand why probiotics may work and why they are somewhat complex is to understand a little more about what they are. Probiotics are basically the small microorganisms that live in your gut and intestines that help break down food and aid in digestion. The thing is however that there are billions of these organisms and they all may not be particularly useful.

Some probiotic supplements bill themselves as the best probiotic complex because the supplements contain more microorganisms than other supplements but the makers of Align probiotics have recently showed that it may not be all about volume but it may be more about what type of probiotics are included in the supplement. In Align the healthy bacteria responsible for their results is Bifantis, the healthy bacteria which is only found in Align products.

Align Probiotic Supplements

Align Probiotic SupplementAlign probiotic supplement capsules are made of only 2 CFU as opposed some competitor which contain up to 50 CFU. Although many cheap probiotic supplements only contain 2 CFU Align sells at a premium because Align is the only supplement that has been shown to have statistical clinical benefits in people with digestive problems.

Recent medical studies published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology have shown that women in particular who have been diagnosed with IBS have a reasonable chance of experiencing relief from their symptoms when they take Align on a daily basis. The same study has not yet been published for men but the results do seem to indicate that Align is the best probiotic supplement on the market.

Typical digestive problems such as IBS are not usually serious enough to threaten your long-term health but they are a nuisance and can be quite uncomfortable. As science continually advances in this area you may want to take some initiative and research Align Probiotics on your own. They are sold in many health food stores and online on Amazon and many customers already have left some amazing reviews of Align Probiotics already as demonstrated by this collection of reviews on Amazon.

Align is not going to be a wonder drug but it is a major step in the right direction for the millions of American's that deal with digestive problems on a daily basis. Because this probiotic complex is over-the-counter you don't need to consult a doctor however many people may feel safer talking to their physician about Align before using it.

If you have any desire to improve your quality of life in the near term giving this supplement may be something you should give serious thought into doing. You may not find relief but if you do you will be a much happier and comfortable person.