Finding the right acne treatment products

Treatments for acne that will work for you

Acne is a problem that affects more than just the skin. It may cause embarrassment in teens with low self-esteem and continue on into adulthood. The best treatment for acne involves herbs and nutrition both externally and internally as well. Besides these two elements, the best way to control acne is through gentle cleansing. There are three different steps to clear skin; internal treatment, external treatment, and cleansing.

The best internal treatment for acne is one with herbal medications. These require no prescription from a doctor. There are other medicines to control acne that do need a prescription and are given in severe cases. However, many of them have serious side effects. For example, Accutane has been linked to depression and even suicide. Others have been known to cause dangerous birth defects. On the other hand, herbs are natural, effective, and gentle.

The external part of good acne control also has characteristics. First, it must not dry the skin, but must control the oil production. It must be able to be used on mild and severe cases. It should contain botanical ingredients that strengthen and heal the skin's cell structure. The cleanser should remove extra sebum, since it has bacteria that causes acne.

The other part of an acne control system is a lotion or gel that treats blemishes after the face is cleansed. The best products to control acne should unclog pores. They should also fight the bacteria that is responsible for the acne. It ideally should have a transdermal delivery system to help the natural ingredients get absorbed into the skin for better results.

The process of developing acne is not complicated. The outer layer of skin is dead, but underneath this surface lies the epidermis. Here cells are multiplying and alive. Normally, the skin gets rid of old cells and replaces them with new ones. The problem occurs when too many dead cells clump together with sebum and the pores begin clogging up.

Acne is a skin condition that begins two to three weeks before the blemish appears. The start is the pore that gets clogged. The natural bacteria that lives on the skin will multiply in the pore and the extra oil can not escape. Since the body is fighting the bacteria, white blood cells arrive and result in inflammation.

It is clear that frequent cleaning is an important step in controlling acne. The extra skin cells and oil must be removed to keep the pores from getting blocked from the beginning. However, washing too much may dry the skin. For this reason, skin cleansers must be gentle. Following these steps will help a person from getting acne. If it seems to persist, perhaps it is best to notify a dermatologist.