When it comes to cleaning your home's hardwood floors, you can go the traditional route or choose to use various products on them. There's a wide variety of products available these days for use on hardwood flooring. These not only include the special washing solutions but different mops, steamers, brooms and even vacuums which are suitable for hardwood floors. Companies such as Bissell, Swiffer and Bona are all known for their exemplary products used to clean hardwood floors. In this article, you'll quickly learn about some of the various products offered for cleaning your hardwood floors.

Bona makes several hardwood floor cleaning products including its wash solutions and a complete cleaning kit. The cleaning kit comes with a specially-designed mop, mop head and cleaning solution that you use on the floor. Bona also manufacturers a hardwood floor spray mop for under $50. The Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Cleaning system is also under 50 bucks and includes a mop, cleaning solution, mop pads and polish.

The best way to clean hardwood floors is usually by sweeping the floors first, and then using a mop on them. Swiffer is well known for making its special sweepers, mops and vacuums. The company offers tips for cleaning hardwood floors by using its Swiffer Sweeper to sweep debris and dust followed by a Swiffer WetJet to clean the floor. The Swiffer WetJet, an "All-in-One" power mop, sells for about $20 at various online sites and stores. It can be used on many floor surfaces including vinyl, ceramic tile, finished wood, laminate, and marble. Not only does it have a flexible swivel head, but it's also lightweight and easy to use.

Bissell, which you may recognize as a maker of vacuums and steamers, makes a few hard-floor cleaner steam mops which are usually priced under $100. These upright electric mops will get the job done on your floor easier, and provided a deep, all-natural clean without chemicals. They also feature 360 degree swivel action on the mop head to clean harder-to-reach areas of your floors. When it comes to how to clean hardwood floors, these mops make a nice, professional alternative to going with your own do-it-yourself approach.

As you can see just from the three companies mentioned above, there are plenty of hardwood floor cleaning products out on the market these days. It's best to research the particular items you may want to purchase on a website like Amazon.com to see what other customers are saying about it. You may find other people overwhelmingly love the product or wouldn't recommend it ever. The last thing you want is to end up purchasing a product which doesn't work well, breaks easily or in the worst case, damages your hardwood floors.