Over the decades, there have been tons of professional wrestling managers and valets.  Some have made it to the big time, competing in the NWA, WCW, WWE (WWF), and TNA.  Of course, there were territories up until the early 1980’s, so for this article, I will simply focus on some of my favorites that made it in the big time organizations.  Let’s explore some of them now, in random order.

 Best Professional Wrestling Managers

 We’ll get to the valets in a bit, but for now, let’s look at the people that stood behind their wrestlers, often helping them complete their character in the ring.

Bobby Heenan:  “The Brain”, as he often went by, is perhaps the best known of all.  Many loved to chant “Weasel” as he was anywhere within eye site.  His sense of humor and charisma made him the best of a generation, when it comes to professional wrestling managers and valets.

Jimmy Hart:  The Mouth of the South was one of the very best of all time.  He carried a bull horn with him and wore outrageous clothes in and out of the ring.  He is still considered by many to be one of the very best of all time.

Sheik Adnan Al-Kaisie:  During the 70’s and 80’s, the Sheik was well known for his work in the now defunct, AWA.  He often carried a sword with him to the ring, and on rare occasion, would unsheathe it, to clear the ring.  When exploring professional wrestling managers and valets, he belongs on the list.  He really got the crowds to hate him, which was his job as the heel.

Diamond Dallas Page:  He worked the managerial route in the AWA and NWA, and actually went on to become a world heavyweight champion in WCW.  His career in the ring was actually better than his managerial job, but still, for the uniqueness of his career, he belongs on the list of professional wrestling managers and valets.

Gary Hart:  He was mostly in WCCW and the old NWA.  He managed such greats as The Great Kabuki, Roddy Piper, Big John Stuff, and The One Man Gang.  He is one of the most respected professional wrestling managers and valets of all time.  He was always very well respected among his peers in the ring and out.

 Best Professional Wrestling Valets

Now that we’ve explored the managers, let’s get on to the ladies side.  There are many successful people that deserve to be mentioned, but I’d like to focus on my favorites, in random order.

Stacy Keibler:  She belongs on the list of the very best professional wrestling managers and valets.  She started out in WCW as a Nitro Girl and moved on to work outside the ring as “Miss Hancock”.  She then moved to the WWE, where she even wrestled in the ring.  She was probably most well known for her very long legs, in all honesty.

Amy Dumas:  She was different than most of the professional managers and valets, in that she could do moves to interfere that even the best female wrestlers couldn’t pull off.  She used the top rope better than most of the males in the business.  She went on to revolutionize women’s wrestling in many ways.

Sherri Martel:  She was tough as nails.  She started out as a wrestler, but moved on to a very successful career as a professional wrestling manager/valet.  Martel, like Dumas, could interfere on behalf of her wrestlers very successfully.  

Sable:  Sable was more known for her work in women’s professional wrestling than her work as a valet or manager, but she was very well liked by the fans.  In fact, her fans quickly outgrew those of her husband, Johnny B. Badd (or Marc Mero).  

Chyna:  She was built like a muscular man and she could stand her own.  She went on to a very successful career with DX and even won a men’s title, the intercontinental title.  It’s hard to argue with that level of success.