Prom is an exciting time of year for juniors and seniors all over the United States.  A lot of time and effort is spent on finding the perfect dress for the one night occasion.  Dresses range from short and poofy to long, flowing gowns.  Prices vary and depending on where you buy your dress you can expect anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars.  Here are a few of my favorites I found for this year's prom.

There are dress styles for all body types.  Girls who are pear-shaped will tend to look best in dresses with fitted tops and full skirts.  Tiny girls who want to look more curvy should look for dresses that focus on the bust line or waist.  Bustier girls should choose dresses with fuller coverage, or choose dresses with eye catching hems to take the focus away from the chest area.  Petite body types do well with asymmetrical hemlines or long solid fitted dresses.  Apple shaped bodies will find a good fit in dresses with an empire waist.  And lastly, hourglass figures are naturally proportioned and will typically look great in any type of dress.

dress(93019)Credit: http://www.seasonmall.comIf you are normally true to your size without trying something on, ordering online can save you a good bit of money.   Even if you need to try things on, if you order with plenty of time to exchange the dress if it doesn't fit may save you money.  One company is Dress Queen, they currently offer over two hundred prom dresses online for less than $100. 

Some popular colors for prom dresses are blue, yellow, turquoise, pink, coral, and purple.   The dress to the left sells for $168 online at  It comes in sizes 2 to 28 or customizable, and more than 30 colors to choose from.  The dress features an empire waist, sweetheart neckline, and floor length hem.

Sequins hearts dressCredit: Macy's

If you have a Macy's in your area, you can find prom dresses ranging anywhere between $50 to $350.  They have several styles and colors to choose from.  One of my favorite short dresses is the Sequins heart dress, in blue and pink.  Its sleeveless, and features a rhinestone empire waist and a ruffle hem.  It comes in sizes 3, 5, 7, and 9 and is currently on sale for $48.99. 



For those who like the Cinderella ball gown look, tesbuy has a gorgeous purple gown priced at $258.  Sizes range from 2 to 26W, or customize to your own measurements.  The dress comes in more than 25 colors, and features a built in bra, handmade beading, ruffles, mini train, strapless, and with a girdling waist.  The company offers a buying guide with instructions on how to purchase your dress and how to correctly get your measurements. 

Tesbuy has many styles to choose from ranging in price from $200 to $450 and currently offers free shipping.


Animal printCredit: JC Penney

JC Penney's has a stunning yet simple animal print off one shoulder gown in sizes 1 to 10 and priced affordably at $60.  The store also has several other dresses to choose from, with many priced under $100.  One good thing about JC Penney's is there are many stores through out the country and it gives you the ability of being able to try on dresses before purchasing one.


sequin halter sheer tendrilCredit:,default,pd.html?cgid=2123

Deb shops are also found in many malls and have a good selection of prom dresses.  This years styles offer animal prints, swirls, flowers, and solids.  Prices vary up to around $175.  The sequin halter sheer tendril prom dress is a great choice, priced at $69.99.  It features a short hem in the front, with a longer hem in the back, a mesh bodice with an illusion halter, silver sequined empire waist, in a beautiful angelic white color.



Prom dresses can also be found at bridal stores.  H! Bridal online has a very pretty green classic styled dress priced at $247.  It comes in sizes small to xxl.  It features a strapless style and floor length hem. 

Other popular bridal stores that sell prom dresses are David's Bridal, Mary's Bridal, TJ Formal, and many others.  One nice feature about most bridal stores is that most of them offer the convenience of lay away, which will come in handy if you are purchasing an expensive dress. 


Mermaid styleCredit: style dresses are also popular.  TB Dress offers the silver gown shown for $132.29.  Sizes are available from 2 to 26W, and the dress comes in more than 30 colors.  Dresses are custom tailored and will need to be ordered in plenty of time before prom, as it can take up to 30 days to receive your dress. 

No matter where you choose to buy your prom dress, be sure to check the store's return policy in case you later decide you like something else better.  Some stores will refund your money, some will offer an exchange, and others will not give refunds even with a receipt. 

When trying on your dress, you want to make sure it fits you correctly and that you are comfortable in it.  The last thing you want to do is spend your important evening uncomfortable because of how your dress fits.  If you plan on doing a lot of dancing, take that into consideration when purchasing a dress.  You aren't going to want to wear a dress that you will be stepping on the hem repeatedly or if its so short that it flies in the air when you move around. 

Shopping for dresses for that special night should be fun and festive.  Take some friends with you that you know will be honest about how the dress fits you.  Set a budget before you get there, and stick to it so you will have funds left for shoes, hair, or accessories.  Keep in consideration no matter how fantastic this night will be, that in all likeliness you are probably only going to wear this dress one time in your life.  So keep that in mind when deciding on your price range.