Looking for a top quality prosumer video camera?

If you are serious about getting into newscasting or feature-film production, you need to have a camcorder that is better than a standard home video camera, and clsoer to a professional quality camera. You need what is known as a prosumer camcorder.

What sets these camcorders apart as great is their large lenses, their high amount of storage space, and their long battery life.

So how can you be sure you are getting the best prosumer camcorder available in 2012-13? Here is a list of some the best performing camcorders in the industry.


Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder with 64GB Internal Flash Memory and Full Manual ControlCanon XA10 Professional Compact Camcorder

This camcorder is excellent for people who want to turn video production into a career. Although the camcorder is the size of most standard camcorders, it comes with additional equipment that actually makes it one of the most elite camcorders in the industry.

It comes with an HD video lens, a manual focus ring, and even a slot to put a shotgun microphone for ensuring that you get the greatest sound and video quality possible.

The Canon XA10 also comes with a 64GB built-in flash memory. This means that you can store all of your footage directly in the camera without having to worry about deleting any clips to make room for the rest of them. You can record up to 5 hours of footage with this amount of memory space.

With full manual controls on this camcorder, you can easily manipulate the scene to look exactly the way you want, directly in the camera. Now you don’t have to wait to change the lighting of the scenes within your video editing software. The power to do this is right at your fingertips.


Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 HD CamcorderPanasonic AG-HVX200 P2 HD Camcorder

The Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 Camcorder is one of the best in the industry. It costs approximately $5,000, but it is well worth the money that you will spend on it if you want to become a serious, professional video producer.

You can switch between standard and high-definition video recording depending on the type of scene you are shooting, the effects you want, or even the type of movie you are producing. Full manual controls grace this camera, which means that you can easily manipulate the scene to achieve your desired effects.


Sony HXR-MC50U - Ultra Compact AVCHD CamcorderSony HXR-MC50U Camcorder

This camera is one of the smallest, professional-quality cameras available on the market. In fact, it is classified as a compact camcorder, so you can easily carry it around with you without experiencing any major problems or hassles.

It comes with a wide-angle lens to ensure that you get the greatest picture quality possible as you shoot your videos and take still pictures, and for $1,400, this is a great option for anyone who is looking to get into a career in the film industry.

There is a night vision setting on this camcorder, so you can still take quality photos and videos even in the dark. You don’t have to wait till daylight in order to get that perfect shot, because your camcorder more than makes up for the effects that you won’t have in the daylight. The night vision infrared sensor is perfect for shooting most scenes in the night.

The Sony HXR-MC50U is also extremely lightweight. Even with the holder for the shotgun microphone attached to the top of the camera, it only weighs about 3 pounds, so you can easily transport it around with you, and your arms won’t get too tired from holding it up for a while. Like all cameras, it is fully mountable on a tripod, so if you do get tired of holding on to it, you can still get the perfect shot.


Ready to shop for your professional video gadgets now? 

Professionals or amateurs who are seeking to become professional should consider one of these professional HD video cameras in order to make the grade. If you want to produce cutting-edge videos for the web, theater, or just for fun, there is no end to the possibilities you can achieve with any of these three top notch video cameras.

No matter which one you choose, you will truly have found the best prosumer camcorder, and you will be able to produce high-quality videos.