Best Protoss Player in Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is an extremely competitive real time strategy developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Being known as an e-sport or electronic sport, many Starcraft 2 tournaments are hosted around the world each year with some prize pools exceeding $50,000. Initially Starcraft gained popularity in the country of South Korea but recently it has flourished around the world with more pro players entering the Starcraft 2 scene as well as new professional gaming teams becoming established.

One of the 3 races in Starcraft 2, the Protoss are a key component in Starcraft 2. More similar to Terran than Zerg, the Protoss race
can be played aggressively with builds such as the extremely popular 4 gate, or more macro oriented with builds such as the Forge fast expand. However the object of most Protoss is to achieve the protoss "deathball" a combination of units whose synergy is so strong that they can defeat the opponent's army with ease. They also have several other abilities such as chronoboost, which quickens unit build time, as well as warp in technology which allows the protoss to build unit in seconds to reinforce their army. Many professional players have chosen to play Protoss such as Grubby, the Warcraft 3 pro, White-Ra, Huk, as well as many other foreign and Korean player alike. Here is a list of the best Protoss 2 players in the world.

1. oGsMC- Known by a variety of nicknames, such as Obama Toss and the Kratoss Protoss, oGsMC is definitely the most logical candidate for the best protoss player in the world if not the best Starcraft 2 player in the world.  He is a member of the prestigious team oGs and is as well known for his cocky attitude and showmanship as for his amazing play. In terms of tournaments results he is unrivaled, not only has he claimed 2 GSL tournament victories, but also placed well in other tournaments, achieving 2nd place at the NASL Grand Finals, 3rd Place at the Homestroy Cup III, 3rd place at MLG Columbus, and 1st place in both the Copenhagen Games Spring 2011 and 2011 DreamHack Stockholm Invitational. His gameplay is characterized by amazing mechanics and overall strong matchups, particularly PvP, where his crazy micro allows him to easily dominate his opponents.

2. Naniwa- Dignatas Naniwa is also an extremely strong protoss player hailing from the country of Sweden. Naniwa's rise to fame began with his astounding 26-2 run at MLG Dallas in which he completed dominated the competition, not losing a match until the finals when he defeated the popular Canadian protoss KiWiKaKi. From there he became known globally through, the TSL3, where he lost by a single game to Thorzain in the finals. He built on those victories, placing 2nd at the Homestory Cup 3 where he lost to Liquid Huk. Recently Naniwa has done extremely well at the latest MLGs at Columbus and Anaheim placing the highest among foreigners. Gameplay wise he is known for his strong blink micro and though before he was critized for a large amount of one base play, lately he has shown his macro/lategame play to be up to par with other pro gamers.


3. HuK- Huk is a Canadian Prototoss who has trained extensively in Korea with his team, the well known Team Liquid. His gameplay style varies often and he is one of the few protoss players to actually use the MotherShip in a tournament game. Huk also known, is a fan favorite and is one of the few foreigners to compete in the GSL tournament in Korea. Currently he is in Code S and has recently reached as far as the round of 16. HuK first became known at MLG Raleigh, where defeated fellow Canadian protoss KiWiKaKi to secure his first MLG tournament victory. After claiming a 3rd place finish at D.C. Recently HuK has done very well securing 1st place finishes not only at the DreamHackSummer 2011, but also at the Homestory Cup. He also finished 7th at MLG Anaheim, the highest of any foreigner.