Who are the Best Psychics on Keen?

If you're looking for a psychic reading, then Keen.com will probably be the first place that you look. With tons of readers to choose from, and the ability to chat via phone or online, Keen is a fantastic psychic reading site. You'll obviously want the best psychic that you can get though, since you'll be looking for accuracy as well as a good personal connection.

In this article we're giving you a list of the best psychics on Keen, those that have the most experience and the highest ratings. We'll tell you a little bit about them, as well as letting you know whether they do online or phone readings. So before you choose your reader, read on to find out who's going to be best for you.

#1 The Phoenix Rising

One of the most popular and highly rated psychics on Keen, The Phoenix Rising is a brilliant choice to be your psychic. She offers tarot reading and life skills coaching as well, specializing not only in letting you know what's happening or going to happen, but also in giving you strategies to deal with coming changes. The Phoenix Rising works online.

#2 Rose of Angels

Another hugely popular choice is Rose of Angels. She specializes in spirit communication, so whether you want to talk to someone who has passed over or wish to communicate with your soul mate, Rose of Angels is for you. She also deals in pet communication for those who'd like to contact a departed pet. Rose of Angels works online.

#3 Looks Far Woman

Looks Far Woman is an extremely experienced psychic with over forty three years of psychic experience. She does psychic readings and can also help you get inside the mind of someone that you care about. She's a relationship expert too, so she's a great choice for those having love problems. Looks Far Woman works by phone.

#4 Serenity Stone

Serenity Stone is not only highly rated, but she's got more recommendations than any other psychic on Keen.com. She does psychic readings that not only discover the cause of your problems, but also the possible solutions to them. Serenity Stone is a good choice for the troubled customer looking for a reading. She works both by phone and online.

#5 Russ Lightwing Psychic Truth

Russ Lightwing Psychic Truth is the first male psychic on our list, and not only does he have great recommendations and a high rating, he also has thirty years of psychic experience. Russ specialises in issues surrounding love and relationships, so whether you're looking for someone or you've found someone and things aren't going as well as you'd like, Russ is going to be a great option. He works by phone.

#6 Healing Solutions with Iriana

Healing Solutions with Iriana offers dream interpretation services to help understand what you're currently going through. Iriana is New York trained in Jungian dream analysis and is able to sympathetically take you through your dream life and help you find peace with yourself. She works online.

#7 Goddess Dawn Sandum

Goddess Dawn Sandum is a psychic whose experience lies in talking to those who have passed over. Whoever you want to speak to in the spirit realm, Dawn is the best bet to get into contact. People must have been in the spirit world for at least ten days before Dawn can make contact. She works online.

#8 Liza Browne

Liza offers many services, and is a great all-round choice for your psychic reading. As well as readings she also heals and offers various interpretation services as well. She does energy work and power prayer, and is even a radio show host! Liza also works online.

#9 Aries Intuition

Aries Intuition offers channeled reading services, meaning that your psychic reading will be channeled through a spirit guide. This spirit will not only help to interpret your reading, but will also give advice in difficult situations. Aries Intuition works via phone.

#10 Scott Angel

Scott Angel is the second male psychic on our list, and he specializes in talking to the dead. He is in constant contact with the spirit world, and is a great choice if you're looking to contact someone who's passed over in order to get closure. Scott works via phone.