Pumpkin carving kits have been around for ever we have all seen them for sale herPumpkin Carving Kite and there. Of course a pumpkin carving kit can be as simple as a serrated kitchen knife and a spoon which is fine but if you really want to create a pumpkin carving work of art you are going to need a little more. The following is a list of some of the best pumpkin carving kits available to help you create the scariest jack-o-lantern on your street.


Pumpkin Carving Kits

The first pumpkin carving kit on the list isn't your every day knife and saw kit but a battery Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kitoperated pumpkin transformer. The Dremel 764-04 Cordless Pumpkin Carving Kit is a great accessory to your next carving party. The Dremel kit comes with the Dremel tool, a pumpkin bit, and ten carving templates to get you started. The light weight cordless unit runs on four AA batteries has two speeds 6,000 and 12,000 rpm's and has a two year warranty. It allows fast, light duty precision sculpting and helps speed the removal of pumpkin rind for templates that require thinning of the outside of the pumpkin. Using this kit can become very messy so have plenty of towels and cleanup supplies ready. The Dremel carving kit can be purchased at local retailers like Lowes and Home Depot as well as online at Amazon.com for around $20.00. Just a tip this tool is better used in conjunction with a more conventional carving kit like the ones below.

The nine piece Paper Magic Group Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit in an excellent carving kit that comes with everything you would need. There are nine light weight plastic handled metal tipped tools including a lid cutter, punch wheel for template transfer, a scrapper, scooper, punch and a drill. Also a big saw, little saw and a detail saw. For ten dollars this carving kit has it all and is Pumpkin Masters Power Masteravailable online at Amazon.

Another battery operated pumpkin carver that makes the job a little easier especially if you are doing numerous pumpkins is the Power Master Deluxe Power Poker and Saw by Pumpkin Masters. Available at partylimited.com for $10.95 this little tool makes the transferring of templates as easy as drawing and makes every cut an easy one. Included in this kit are replaceable saw blades and poker attachment. Partyunlimited.com even offers a quantity discount for quantities of three or more.


Finding a Cheap Pumpkin Carving Kit


If none of these are what you are looking for you might try doing a little shopping around your home town. Places like Walmart, Target, Kmart, CVS, and Walgreens always have plenty to choose from in there seasonal areas. If you don't have to have a pumpkin carving kit but would like to have one for next year a great time to check these retailers out is on Halloween or right after. Normally what ever is left over is heavily discounted. Another option is to make your own carving kit things like utility knives, drywall saw, tacks or push pins and an ice cream scoop or spoon for removing the guts. Hope this article helps you with your carving creations. Happy Halloween!!!