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Queen size mattress and box spring prices

Best Queen Size Mattress Under $500 DollarsIf you are looking for the best mattresses yet short on budget, perhaps you might want to consider these best queen size mattresses under $500. For some people, nighttime is their favorite time of the day for it is the time for relaxation, bonding with loved ones and other family members, and to sleep in order to relieve the stress from all the day’s work. There is no greater way to relieve work stress than having a good night’s sleep. This is true especially if you sleep in a very soft and comfortable queen size mattress.

Here are some of the best yet cheapest queen size mattress bed sets for sale online at discounted prices:

Legacy Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring Set

This bed set is one of the most affordable bed sets online especially that it is usuallCheap Mattresses For Sale Onliney sold at discounted prices particularly on sites like Amazon. Currently, this queen size mattress is sold at a price under 500 dollars – at $325. If you are going to purchase it, you can save a whooping $374. This mattress is made with 357 innerspring vertical coil unit which allows for a very comfortable ortophedic support. It is covered with high quality polly foam and Damask fabric-class B white-color fabric. The Legacy mattress has a height of 7 inches and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Check this out on Amazon:

Legacy Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring Set
Amazon Price: $289.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 13, 2016)

Cloud 9 Mattress

This Cloud 9 Mattress has a 10-year warranty when purchased on Amazon. It currently has a price of $2Queen Size Mattress And Box Spring Prices36.04 subject to changes in prices. Made with single sided coils and Damask fabric, it is firm and very comfortable to use. It usually comes in white or gold color and has a bed height of about 9 inches.

Dreamy Classic Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring Set

This is one of the best queen size mattresses under $500 at a discounted and cheAffordable Queen Mattress Setsap price of only $369. You save $331 when you purchase it online. It is made with Damask class B fabric and has 312 innerspring coil unit complemented with 6 gauge borders and 13 gauge unit. To complete the bed’s exterior cover, it is quilted with 2 x ½” high-quality polly foam. You can get this one with a 10 year warranty when bought online.

Check this out on Amazon:

Coil Comfort Pillowtop Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring Set
Amazon Price: $389.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 13, 2016)

Night Therapy Euro Top Spring Mattress

This one is on sale at a discounted price of $489 subject to price changes. When you look for this queen size mattress bed online, put particularity in searching on reputable sites like Amazon. There you can get big discounts also. This one alone lets you save money of up to $550. This Night Therapy Euro Mattress has been rates as one of the best and most comfortable Best Cheap Mattress Buymattresses in the industry yet can be bought at cheap prices. The bed itself is layered with 3 high-density foam to provide for comfortable support to the spine and the whole back. This bed has a trademark Bi-Fold Box Spring Folding Foundation which is made from hard and sturdy metal to allow for a very solid bed foundation.

These are just some of the best queen size mattress under $500. This list serves only as a guide when you decide to purchase these kinds of mattresses online or in any home furniture and décor stores.