If you are looking for the best soft close toilet seat the Kohler Transitions Quiet Close Toilet Seat may be just what you are looking for. It is not wildly expensive like many top of the line soft close toilet seats; it has many high ranking reviews from satisfied customers, and it carries the Kohler name which is a well respected brand in toilet parts and accessories.

Soft Close Toilet Seats

If you are a first time shopper for soft close toilet seats you may not know exactly their benefits over traditional toilet seats. Soft close seats or quiet close seats are basically designed with special toilet seat hinges which prevent the toilet seat from closing too quickly. This is usually not a problem on it's own the problem with seats closing too quickly is that they often slam closed causing a very loud disturbance in a household. The slamming of toilet seats also tend to be a risk for small fingers getting smashed especially while children are potty training and when people are raising or lowering the seat in the dark. By installing a quiet close toilet seat you lower the odds of mishaps in the bathroom.

Some cheaper or alternative versions of quiet close toilet seats are the padded toilet seats. These are not mechanically any different from normal seats but the padded seat typically is quieter when it is accidentally slammed shut and it is less likely to smash fingers due to the built in padding. If you are short on cash then these types of toilets may be right for you however they still do slam shut quickly and this can still be a hazard to some people and kids and can be hard on the toilet seat, lid, and bowl even with the padding.

The Kohler Transitions Quiet Close Toilet Seat

What makes the Kohler Transitions soft close toilet seats so good is that they are reasonably priced and built not only with the soft close design in mind but also with the goal of helping young children with their potty training. After all, young kids are typically the cause of slamming toilet seats so it makes sense to build a child's toilet set right into the unit so that a separate toilet trainer is not needed.

The Kohler K-4732-0 Transitions toilet seat comes with built in soft close technology and comes also with a toilet trainer seat for kids built into the underside of the adult sized seat. Both the kids and adults toilet seats have soft close toilet hinges and are designed to prevent slamming. Because the child's trainer potty seat is built right in this makes the bathroom less cluttered and lets kids feel more at ease while learning to use the toilet. Separate toilet trainers tend to move around making kids feel uncomfortable so this may even help with your child's toilet training.

Finding the Kohler Transitions Quiet Close Toilet Seat in stores may be difficult unless you decide to shop for it online. Online retailers tend to carry far more variety in specific products and are much more likely to have this product in stock. This quiet close toilet seat comes in a variety of colors so matching it to your bathroom décor should be easy and the price is heavily discounted making it one of the best quiet close toilet seats on the market today.