Good Silent Fans for Desks

There is almost nothing worse than when you're trying to get on with some important work and you are stuck between either: i) having the desk fan turned on to keep you cool but at the same time is so irritatingly loud you can't actually concentrate on the job and ii) not having the fan on; which solves the noise issue, but obviously becomes so unbearably hot & sweaty that again you can't focus in on the task.

There are however, desk fans that offer you the best of both worlds being almost silent in operation whilst supplying more than sufficient airflow to keep you nice and cool -- the showcase below presents of some of the best quiet desk fans on the market.

The Desk Fan (10" & 12") AM01 By Dyson

You have probably heard about Dyson fans before -- that they are unique as they are effectively 'bladeless' (making them easy to clean, safe to be around, a cool talking point etc.) but because it utilises both acoustic dampening and air multiplier (AM) technology they are also effectively silent in operation (especially on the lower settings).

Dyson AM01 10" table fan, White
Amazon Price: $299.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

The AM01 is the desk type and comes in either a 10 inch or 12 inch model (with the latter being a bit more expensive however a bit more powerful) and produce a smooth cool refreshing air-flow (which can be directed through oscillation and a touch tilt feature to get the optimal trajectory) unlike bladed fans that buffer & hence chop the air-flow i.e non-smooth which can be irritating (particularly on the eyes).

The Brezza II Dual Oscillating (10") Desk Fan By Ozeri

This model is very popular around the work place as well as in home studies and offices, whereby it looks professional (yet stylish) and does the two ideal jobs you want from a quiet fan rather well i) it is quiet and ii) it keeps you cool. It is an updated model (to the Brezza I) with "ultra-quiet" dual oscillating motors - to allow for a more efficient and effective cooling performance.

Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan
Amazon Price: $42.95 $12.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

It is designed to cool down an entire room through 360 oscillation (whereby it has frontal automatic vertical oscillation as well as lateral horizontal too) allowing for a diverse uniform airflow, but also can be angled directly towards you - for personal cooling. Moreover, the aerodynamic design has allowed it to achieve one of the very lowest dB ratings on a desk fan, yet provides sufficient 'more than' sufficient power to keep you cool.

The VU2531U1 Turbo Silence (12") Desk Fan By Rowenta

This rowenta fan, although not as popular as some of the other desk fans -- has got to be one of my favourites in this category (being Rowenta's most powerful and quiet desk fan). With regards to noise level produced it can operate as low as 38 decibels (which is about the same level you would hear in a not-so-busy library) due to its 5 specially engineered & molded fan blades.

Moreover, it is pretty darn powerful compared to most desk fans as well - being able to shift a huge 1,695 cubic ft every minute into the air that can be either projected across the room or directly towards you to provide you instantly with an incredible feel of "cool air". I also think it looks the part, granted it has the same 'look' as most fans - but Rowenta have given it a modern feel with the solid metal base (with a turn dial) & generally has an 'up market' edge to it (hard to put into words exactly - just offers you 'more' in that department of quality than most new fans do). 

Battery Operated Fan (10") with Adapter By 02-Cool

For those who are on a bit more of a restricted budget and looking for pure value - then you can't really go wrong with the 10" O2 Cool Fan. It is extremely portable as it is powered through batteries and can fold in on itself, so can literally be transported almost anywhere with great ease. This being said, the actual power that it exhibits is pretty impressive & will serve just as well as your standard (corded) fans will and like all the models mentioned, it has specially engineered aspects such as acoustic dampening to keep the noise levels produced to an absolute minimum.

O2COOL NEW 10" Battery Operated Fan with Adapter, Graphite
Amazon Price: $37.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

Which fan will you choose and why?

Also, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding either the showcase overview of the best quiet desk fans or about any of the models specifically mentioned above then please be sure to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.