Many people share the dream of buying an RV or camper and traveling the country either on vacations or in retirement. And has the owner of a 30’ travel trailer I can tell you it is worth every penny you spend when you do finally buy that dream traveling home. But let’s be honest there can be a lot of work that goes into the upkeep of an RV and the bigger it is the more there is to do. One of the biggest jobs is trying to keep them clean. If you don’t have a barn, garage or some other type of protective building this becomes an even bigger chore. But lucky for us there is at least one other way to not only help keep your investment clean but to also protect it from damaging elements like rain, snow and sun and that is with RV and camper tarps or covers. If you own an RV or camper and don’t have a tarp to cover it you should really consider buying one as soon as possible. One thing you may be thinking though is if I am going to buy a tarp I want to buy the best, so what are the best RV tarps I can get?

What are the Best RV Tarps?

First to clear up one thing you may be confused by and that is the fact that tarps and covers are used interchangeably in the article. Just know I consider them the same though I know there are the cheap blue and silver tarps that you can by at Lowes or Home Depot, these are not recommended for covering your RV or camper. These regular tarps can cause many problems when used including mold and roof damage. So now that that is out of the way let’s continue.

As I already mentioned before I own a camper so when it came time to purchase a cover for it because it is stored outdoors I did a lot of research by looking online and reading forums and such. And if you do the same you will find many different views on whether you should cover your RV or not. Some swear by it others hate it but to me it only makes sense, as long as you use a cover that is designed for this purpose. So anyways, the best I could tell the ADCO Designer Series All Climate Three Layer RV Covers were the best. So that is exactly what I bought and I love it. There are many reasons I consider these the best RV tarps including being the most durable all climate covers on the market, they have a water proof top panel that is made from DuPont Tyvek fabric and there are three layers of breathable polypropylene on the sides. Other features include side zipper entry doors, reinforced snag and tear resistant elasticized corners and vents to reduce billowing. And when you purchase an ADCO Designer Series they even give you an instructional DVD so you know exactly how to use your new cover. What more could you ask for?

If you want more information about the ADCO Designer Series you can find everything you need at their website Then do yourself a favor and look around a bit but I think you will find that the ADCO’s are the best RV and camper tarps around.