Do you have a lead foot? Or perhaps you have five different children, all of which play sports, all at different locations. Well, then I would say you should be in the market for the best radar detector on the market. Sometimes it is not always blatant disregard of traffic signs and posted speed limits that can get us into trouble but maybe more like too many irons in the fire. I have researched some of the best radar detectors on the market and am sharing it now so that you now longer have to feel like a criminal if you break the speed limit. With the information provided and products below no one will ever have to know that you always leave five minutes late and arrive five minutes early!


Top Three Best Radar Detectors on the Market

I have found basically three of the best radar detectors on the market: the Cobra XRS-9965, the Passport 9500ix, and the Cobra XRS-9970G. All three are very similar; however, some have more bells and whistles so to speak. Included in the following article is a discussion of features, warranty information, and locations where to purchase these radar detectors. They are in order based on price, the first being the most inexpensive and the last one is the most costly. I guess it all depends on how much you believe the cliché "You get what you pay for."


Cobra XRS-9965 Radar Detector

Cobra XRS-9965 Radar DetectorThis is a new model that just came out in two thousand ten. The Cobra XRS-9965 is considered the best radar detector on the market for value. You can purchase this model for around one hundred sixty dollars if you go to the correct web site. This radar detector has many features; too many to list all of them so I have narrowed it down according to what is most needed in the best radar detector. It is equipped for fifteen band detection. This means that it will detect seven radars, six lasers, and 2 signals. Immediately after installation the system will send out a system ready prompt so you never have to worry if it is working properly. The Cobra XRS-9965 detector also has something called Intellimute Pro auto shutdown feature making it invisible to the other devices designed to locate radar detectors. It is VG-2 and Spectre 1 undetectable. You can program up to one thousand location alerts. This allows for smooth sailing past red light cameras. This model also features a 1.5 OLED touch screen display and a city/highway mode.


Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector

This is the best radar detector on the market for those that need a radar detector but do not have aCobra XRS 9970G Voice Alert 15 Band Radar and Laser DetectorCobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector lot of cash to throw around. The Cobra XRS 9970G radar detector has many features that the Cobra XRS-9965 radar detector has but there are a few that set it apart. This model also has the 1.5 touch screen display but also has the benefit of full color on the screen. It is equipped with a display mode dimmer which aids in comfortable night driving. The laser eye has a full three hundred and sixty degree detection. This system has alert memory and Intellimute Pro Smart technology auto shutdown, what this means is when you turn off your vehicles engine the radar detector also shuts down. The Cobra XRS radar detector also warns of low battery. This is also the best radar detector on the market because it comes with lifetime updates and is FCC compliant. This model also includes a global positioning system for speed/red light display and a voice alert system.


The Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

Passport 9500ix Radar DetectorThis is the best radar detector on the market that is produced by Escort. The Passport 9500ix radar detector features all band protection and a three hundred and sixty degree radar and laser detector. This may be the best radar detector on the market for the simple fact that it includes the auto learn feature. The auto learn feature allows the device to become accustom to the way you drive sending out less false alerts. This model also has speed and voice alerts. The intelligent volume control allows the device to compensate for whatever outside noises may be occurring within the vehicle, so you are always able to hear the alerts no matter how loud the music is or if your mother in law is obsessively chatting about her card club. This device could be the best radar detector on the market for you especially if you find yourself driving a lot of people a lot of the time because it also comes with a built in ear jack making it less annoying to your passengers. The Passport 9500ix also comes with a pre-programmed database of locations of safety cameras; this includes both red light and fixed position cameras. This model can also escape the VG-2 radar device detector. There are yet two more reasons this could be the best radar detector on the market, firstly it comes with ninety days of free updates. Secondly, it comes with a one year warranty. This prize radar detector comes at the bargain price of five hundred dollars.

Where to Find the Best Radar Detector on the Market

Hopefully if you were undecided on which radar detector to purchase this may have aided in a decision. All three models are similar but pay close attention to the differences because it may be one of the smaller features that get you out of a speeding ticket. Also something to consider is the warranties on all of them, these are expensive items and you don't want to get stuck replacing them if it may be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. All of these products are available online. The best prices for these detectors can be found by using Google search and exploring the following; Southern Car Parts, best radar detectors, and they can also be found at Southern Car Parts is actually an authorized dealer of Escort radar detection products. Remember, slow down when driving, or just make sure you are using the best radar detector on the market.