You are a hunting purist. You use a bow and arrow. Whether shooting game or a 3D target, you can go the distance when you know the distance. 

It’s good to be able to estimate range without a rangefinder, but even the best arrows in the world have an arcing trajectory. Why would you take a chance on wounding or missing an animal when you can take aim for the complete kill? 

Many archery hunters still rely on generic multi-use rangefinders, but if bow hunting has been your “hobby,” 2013 is the year to get serious. You need a rangefinder that was created specifically for bow hunting. You need the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

Optical rangefinders have been in use for many years, but nothing can compete with the convenience and accuracy of laser rangefinders. Laser rangefinders get more compact, more accurate, offer better optics and are more affordable every year.

So, for 2013, what is the best rangefinder for bow hunting? Here are the three top choices:

Best Brand for Bow Hunting Rangefinders - Leupold

It was 1907 when German immigrant Fred Leupold began repairing optical equipment for surveyors in Oregon. Prestigious Leupold & Stevens products are known for their waterproof, rugged, superior design. 

Forget handheld rangefinders forever! The Leupold® Vendetta™ Archery Rangefinder will mount to any compound bow, left or right. If your motions ever startled your game, you will appreciate the instantaneous and precise digital readout at full draw. Once you push the trigger, Vendetta will follow your target with continuous realignment of angle, distance, and elevation. 

Vendetta compact one-touch continuous scan takes precision to a new level. Features include:

  • 70-yard maximum range and 10-yard minimum rage
  • Laser dot alignment
  • Durability
  • LED display with a red filter for easy-to-read readings
  • Battery-saving auto power off
Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder for Bow
Amazon Price: $499.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2016)

Bushnell Rangefinders

Bushnell invented its first rangefinder in 1995 and has been a leader in the sports optics industry, offering state of the art range finders and accessories for bow hunters. This company is committed to providing the best equipment at the most cost-effective prices. 

You’ll find the Bushnell 4x20 Chuck Adams BowHunter Laser Range Finder lives up to its name. Chuck Adams’ success was based on performance, and this rangefinder’s features will optimize your archery performance in 2013. 

Its built-in digital inclinometer measures angles from -90 to + 90° with +/- 1° accuracy. Features include: 

  • Lightning-fast measurements
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • 4x magnification
  • Bow Mode – provides true horizontal distance from 5–99 yards
  • Rainproof
  • Range: 5–850 yards
  • Built-In Battery Indicator
  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap
  • Compatibility with magnetic attachment system
  • Anti-slip (non-glossy) sure-grip finish
  • Posi-Thread battery door
Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition 4x 20mm ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder
Amazon Price: $318.95 $226.87 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2016)

Nikon and the technical team at Archer’s Choice created the Archer’s Choice Laser Rangefinder to maximize your incline or decline aim. With +/- 89 degrees, this rangefinder can display accurate compensate distance measurements in increments of .2 yard/meter. 

The LCD display is user-friendly and easily viewed, even in bright sunlight. One-touch, single-button operation powers down after 8 seconds to reduce battery use. Its compact size fits easily in a pocket or pack and can be worn on a belt. And, it’s waterproof and fog-proof. Features include: 

  • Guaranteed performance under extremely challenging conditions
  • 5-100 yard measurement range
  • Viewfinder display 6x magnification
  • Angular field of view (real) 6
  • Angular view of field (apparent) 34.9
  • Eye relief 18.2 mm
  • Diopter Adjustment +/- 4
  • Uses one CR2 lithium battery

Archery hunters, more than any other kind of hunter, have the least amount of wiggle room when determining range You have the most intense margin of error. and you need the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

Difficult terrain, weather conditions, and limited visibility are your challenges.Your rangefinder should be your solution.

Nikon Archers Choice Laser Rangefinder w/APG Camo case
Amazon Price: $400.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2016)