What are the best rated home gyms out there?

There are literally hundreds of home gym systems on the market; it's very hard to decide which one is best.

The one important thing you need to remember when buying a home gym is that cheaper products are just that, cheaper.

If you are going to make the investment, then invest in something that will last and work well.

Here are a few that I feel are the very best on the market which will give you faster and more noticeable results.

Best Rated Home Gyms:

  1. The Hoist V5: A single stack home gym, which is noted as the highest rated home gym equipment on the market. This machine includes conditioning tools that help to tone the legs, chest, and offers core conditioning with a weight stack of 200 pounds.

  2. BodyCraft X2: A double stack home gym system with a 200 pound weight stack ability which makes it great for multi-users.

  3. BodyCraft Galena: A compact home gym which conditions the arms, legs, and abdomen.

  4. Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS: Home gym with plates. This machine is a combination of free weights and a home gym system.

  5. The Weider Max Ultra: Resistance bars type of home gym system. It can adjust up to 440 pounds of weight adjustment. A beginner home gym.

Each of these home gym machines have received high marks from experts in the field and will produce the results you are hoping for when you decide upon the machine that best suits your needs.

I have found that each of these home gym systems are quite easy to use, they each give individuals positive results when used properly, and are excellent alternatives to going to a gym.

The cost of the equipment will pay itself off quickly compared to the membership fees associated with a professional gym in which you will need to buy a membership in. You may also consider the purchase of one of the best elliptical machines available to add to your home gym, which make for great exercises for losing weight.

The key aspect of using any type of home gym system is knowing how it works and the proper techniques involved in using the product for the best possible results. Most of these machines come with a DVD to guide you through each type of exercise designed for specific regions of your body you wish to tone.

Even the best rated home gyms are useless unless you are using them correctly so read up on the system you choose and watch the DVD that comes with the machine before you dive in and hurt yourself in the process.

Having personally used each of these machines, my preference is the Bodycraft line of home gyms. I really like the Powertec equipment but I don't like dealing with all of the plates. The Bodycraft is that perfect mix of quality, price, and usability.

The home gym systems I mentioned above are just what I've discovered as the best rated home gyms offered today; they might not be right for you or affordable for you, so check around and make an informative choice.