Looking for a great quality reciever this year?

A decent home entertainment system requires a receiver to be used as an amplifier for your flat screen TV, Stereo and other electronic devices.

Some receivers come with surround sound speakers and others can be purchased without speakers.  If you want to get true home surround sound movie experience, you will be better off buying your receiver with speaker package. There plenty of electronics retailers onine to buy a new receiver for your stereo system or home theater. 

Denon AVR-1712 A/V Surround Receiver

Denon is a receiver under $1000 that is worth looking into in 2012. It comes with a remote control for easy user experience. It supports Blu-ray, 3-D video, 6 HDMI input, and other features that you will likely never use.Best Receiver under $1000 DollarsCredit: Amazon

The interesting thing about this product is, you get small speakers that will produce great sound for watching science fiction movies and listening to your favorite songs. It can be purchased for $600 at Amazon. The Denon AVR-1972 7.1 will cost you $950 at some retailer. You can consider this AVR-1972 as the bigger brother that cost  little bit more.

Yamaha RX-A3000 7.1-Channel Audio/Video Receiver

Yamaha is quite popular when it comes to musical instruments. With that in mind, you will expect the same level of quality from your audio video receiver. This receiver is not the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for. It comes with a lot of features that most home users will never use.Best Receiver under $1000 Dollars(89883)Credit: Amazon

It's got enough wattage to power your speakers and give you the best surround Dolby sound you can expect from a home entertainment system. You get AM and FM radio, USB input and output, HDMI inputs and outputs, multichannel external decoder and many more.

The problem with this product is that it comes with too many options that can be a little confusing for most users. It also doesn't come with speakers which you will have to buy separately. With regards to sound quality, you will not be disappointed. You can purchase it at most online retailers for $900, so well under the thousand bucks budget!

Marantz SR5005 Audio Video Receiver

This is an elegant receiver that will appeal to those who want a clean design. That is of course not the only reason why you will want to pay $740.Best Receiver under a Grand.Credit: Amazon

Like most modern home entertainment device, this product comes with four HDMI inputs, USB connector for your iPhone, iPad and other entertainment USB devices. It comes with 100W power output for speakers. Unfortunately, this is not a package deal. Hence, it doesn't come with speakers which you will have to buy separately.

Onkyo HT-S9400THX 7.1

What will you do with a system that offers you seven speakers? That is exactly what you will get with this Onkyo home entertainment system. It comes fully equipped with HDMI connectors that will allow you to use the digital audio output from your flat screen TV.Best Receiver under 1000 Bucks

It is also 3-D ready. You can also connect your iPhone, iPod and any other digital multimedia devices. What will appeal to many about this receiver is that it comes at a great price for only $800.