Reclining office chairs

Reclining office chairs provide a combination of function and comfort. They are a great transformation of the everyday office chair. The ability to bend backwards makes them a highly desired commodity for workers who are seeking stress relief and therapy. This means that worries about bad posture and constant back pain have been significantly reduced since their introduction to the corporate world and it is good to know that people can lean back for a minute after long hours sitting at a work desk.

These amazing chairs come in different styles but the main advantage one reclining chair has over another is the number of positions it offers to recline. There are reclining chairs that offer a two-way positioning system- you can sit or put them in full recline. Some offer three positions- there is the sit-up, lower angle recline and full recline. There is also a four position system- which gives you multiple-adjust options and these are great for people with varying heights.

In addition, reclining chairs are ergonomic and a good investment to any office space. They are built to support people and have high weight capacity. They are available in different sizes and can be obtained on next-tag and amazon at good prices. Nearly all have an adjustable back and footrest but due to the increasing number and diverse variations of reclining chairs, intending buyers should compare products before choosing one. The costs of reclining chairs vary according to quality and function but a regular type can last for more than eight years when properly used.

Types of reclining chairs

There are different types of recliners-electronic, wall- saving, push- back recliner and massage recliner. Every type has a unique feature that makes it appealing to clients.

  • The rocker recliner: Makes a rocking movement in an upright position with an inbuilt lever for downwards movement.

  • Push back recliner: It reclines when the chair is pushed backward in a sitting position. It is not as durable as other recliners with levers but can last long up to three years.

  • Wall-saver reclining chairs: its main purpose is to fit into offices with limited spaces. The wall savers need only about half the space a normal recliner chair occupies between its standing position and the wall and this is about 6inches.

  • Massage recliners: are great for therapy and help to relieve stress.

  • Electric recliners have automated control buttons that aid people with health problems and disabilities.

Things to watch out for in reclining chairs

  • The space between the chair and the attached foot rest should be at most 5inches long to prevent injuries and reduce.

  • Recliner chairs must be comfortable for the owner. All corners of the sitter's feet must touch the floor evenly for convenience with the edge of the seat pointing downwards if not, the chair must be adjustable. The head rest should give a full support and all screws must be properly tightened.

  • The kind of material in the chair's upholstery should be put into consideration. Leather recliner chairs are highly durable and expensive. Mesh and fabric recliner chairs are not as durable and attractive as leather chairs but are affordable.

  • Consumers should also check the padding and foam density of the chair. Cushions last longer with a rating of 1.9 – 2.5, giving a good return for money spent.