Gynecomastia is a situation that often leads to a number of problems cropping up for the men. Men feels short within and are often embarrassed in the public due to the enlargement of their breasts. One always tends to undergo cosmetic therapy so as to get rid of the reduction in the chest area by removal of the excessive tissue and fats that get deposited. It is a condition that is generally seen in the teenagers who undergo the hormonal changes at the age of puberty. While these changes are occurring, certain imbalances during the development results in such a situation in men. It is as a result of the alteration in the proportions of the sex hormones namely, estrogen and testosterone.

Measures taken Before the surgery

The men undergoing the process of breast reduction for the treatment of Gynecomastia are supposed to go for a number of medical tests. This is an essential step that has to be followed before any surgery taking place. One has to give the urine tests, blood test, mammogram and the essential endocrine tests. Gynecomastia is considered to be a well known symptom of the breast, testicle or the lung cancer. So the surgery is only carried out if the cause for the breast enlargement is not attributed to cancer. Further the surgeon performs the surgery depending on the medical history attained from the previously performed tests. The surgery could be done in two ways one is the suction lipectomy and the other is an endoscopic surgery. These two surgeries depend on the size of the breasts and also on its firmness.

Post surgery Measures

After the surgery is performed by removing the excessive fat and tissue deposition one is discharged from the hospital in few hours only. However it is essential to take care of certain thing. Firstly it is essential to wear a chest wrapping for few weeks in order to provide a support to the skin. Just like any other surgery, this surgery is also prone to certain side effects but one must take careful measures to minimize the negative effects of the surgery. The person who has undergone such a surgery faces the various problems like swelling, scarring, loss of nipples, itching, changes in the skin pigmentation and so on.

The patient also suffers from problems of high fever, nausea, pain, excessive bleeding, etc. It is one's duty to avoid any critical situation by consulting the doctor in that case.