Best Refrigerator Brands 2010 2011

Top Refrigerators of Today

In a world of competition, it can be difficult to know which particular product is the one for you. To clear up this confusion in one corner of the market, we will list all of the top refrigerators available today. This list is meant to be a push in the right direction, not a guide. We hope that this helps in your refrigerator decision in every way possible.


Below you will find a list of frigerator companies that have a great reputation and produce some of the best rated refrigerators of our time.



If you're looking for quality and a name you can trust, then your journey ends here at Frigidaire. Being the top name in refrigerators is no easy feat and this company manages to pull it off every single year. The sheer vastness of their product is what sets them apart. With so many models to choose from, one cannot be disappointed with the product that they choose.



Another big name in the refrigerator world is none other than Haier. This brand focuses on the space-efficiency of their models for maximum storage space. This remains true right down to their compact refrigerator models. You know you'll be getting a great value with Haier refrigerators.



Though not quite as popular as the latter two refrigerator companies, Whirlpool offers a very high quality product at a workable price on any budget. If you are looking for affordability above all else, Whirlpool is definitely the brand for you. But you might want to stick with some of the other brands if price is not an issue.


Energy Star

We now come to the relatively new brand of Energy Star. With innovations in the field happening all the time, this brand waits fro those innovations and exploits them. Always having the best new features supported by fridges is what makes Energy Star so dynamic and exciting.



Finally we come to the brand KitchenAid. Though they do not recieve the best reviews from their customers in the world, they do make their product at a very affordable price. So if certain luxuries are not a necessity for you, then KitchenAid might be the fridge you're looking for.


All of these amazing companies are the best refrigerator brands to buy from. They have all been reliable as long as they were in business with great customer reviews.