A must-buy for any college student is a mini-fridge. Mini-fridges are one of the most important items on any college student wish list, as they can keep drinks (alcoholic or not) cold and allow students to keep food in their dorm room. As with any gift for college students, a mini fridge is great because it is small. Space is at a premium for college students, and anything bigger would take up more space than their bed. If you are in college, get a mini fridge for under $100. If you are a parent, give your college student the gift they want and buy them a mini-fridge for their dorm room. After a few months with their new mini-fridge, they will be certain to thank you! Best of all, once they are out of college, owning a cheap mini-fridge (under $100!) will be a great item to take with them.
You don't have to break the bank to buy a cheap mini fridge for college. There are many mini fridges for under $100 dollars that will be perfect for a college dorm room! You can pick from many options and easily find the best mini fridge for your needs! Here are some top rated mini fridges for college under $100. Suprise your college student with the perfect mini fridge for a college dorm room and save money at the same time!

Best Mini Fridges Under $100 for College:


Best Refrigerators For Dorm: College Mini Fridges Under $100
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Danby DAR195BL 1.8 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

This is one of the best mini fridges for college is the Danby DAR195BL. This mini fridge has no freezer but this means that the entire space can be used to store drinks and food which is the kind of mini-fridge that college students want.  The Danby Mini frige has 1.8 cubic feet of space and one and a half wire racks that can be removed. This is a fair amount of space, and the door of this college mini-fridge holds up to six cans and a 2-liter Coke bottle by itself! As an extra bonus for the environmentally-minded college student, it is one of the more energy efficient mini-fridges, with a good Energy Star rating. While barely missing the list of college mini-fridges under $100 dollars, you can buy it on sites including Amazon.com, and compactappliance.com, and for around $105.


Best Refrigerators For Dorm: College Mini Fridges Under $100(73283)
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Haier HNSB02 1.7 Cubic Ft Mini Fridge

The Haier is one of the best college mini fridge for under $100 dollars that you can find. Amazon sells the Haier HNSB02 Mini Fridge with free shipping for prime  users for only $98 dollars! The fridge is slightly smaller than the Danby college mini fridge, but has a freezer in case you want some ice. It will still hold plenty of soda, beer, or care packages from home and gets good ratings. It is very quiet which can be important when selecting a mini fridge for college dorms. You can find this college mini-fridge for under $100 at Amazon.com, Buy.com, or Ebay.com.
Coca-Cola Koolatron Series Mini Fridge for College (under $100):


Buy mini fridge under 100
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Koolatron Vending Mini Fridge  (Under $100!)

The Koolatron Vending Mini Fridge is probably the coolest mini fridge for college! It holds up to 10 cans of soda in a display case and works just like a min fridge vending machine! You can store two different kinds of soda in this college mini fridge and select which one you want. This is a cool mini fridge for college and is sure to be a conversation starter! It is quiet and surprisingly low-energy. You can buy this dorm mini fridge for under 100 dollars from Amazon.com or Buy.com.
Cheap mini fridge for college under $100(73298)
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Koolatron CC10G Coca-Cola Can-Shaped (Under $100!)

The little brother to the Koolatron Vending Mini Fridge is the Koolatron CC10G Coke Can Fridge. Shaped like a Coke can , this bright red college mini fridge is under $100 with some retailers, the lowest price being on Amazon.com for only $70. This fridge is seven liters and is a great college mini fridge for soda lovers. Keep happy through finals week and always have a soda for the party! The 9 can mini fridge has the advantage over its fancier vending mini fridge version in that you can store food and other drinks in this dorm room mini fridge.

 Other College Dorm Room Mini Fridges for Under $100:

As with any online purchese, you should do your research and read reviews before you buy a mini fridge. These are the highest rated dorm mini fridges for under $100 currently, but with a little bit of shopping and comparing, you should be able to find many other great mini fridges for under $100 suitable for a college dorm room.