Renaissance Halloween costumes are among the most popular costumes worn even in parties that are celebrated in other months of the year. This is because the renaissance period is among the most widely portrayed eras in art and film even up to modern times.

This period in time began in the 14th century up to the 17th century. The period was well noted for its contribution to art and history. It was in this period that fashion began to play a huge role in the social status of people.

Due to the historic importance of the renaissance, it has been used as a backdrop for famous novels and books and has caught the fancy of several authors and film directors.

Up to today, the contribution of the renaissance in fashion can still clearly be seen. This is especially true in formal parties and debuts that have a classical theme. This is also visible in costume parties, particularly during Halloween.

Renaissance Costumes (24463)These costumes are very popular among young female teens that are avid readers of novels or avid fans of films that are based on the renaissance period.

For ladies, a renaissance costume can be composed of a classical looking dress that has specks of gold and burgundy. This dress is perfect if coupled with white linen.

This white linen should be compatible with the dress if used as collars or wrist riffles. When combined with a regal headdress, this costume can awe most of the other party goers,

For men on the other hand, a brimmed cap that is turned up on one side can fill the renaissance look. Tights and leggings were popular clothing in the period. Having a silk brocade with a snappy pair of leather boots can make the look even more genuine.

If he wishes to have more authenticity with his outfit, he can match his hair with the common hair of men of the period which was often bobbed.

A renaissance costume gives the wearer a certain air of grandeur that emanates from the elegance of the costume as well as its classical appeal. This makes him or her stand out especially in costume parties that feature a large variation of costumes.

Renaissance Halloween costumes are definitely a cut above the rest due to its uniqueness and its classical style. If worn correctly and with the proper accessories, it will surely make the wearer popular and the party memorable.

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