Toilet Handles

The mechanism of toilet handles or flush levers is what makes our toilets "flush". Without toilet handles to trigger the flapper valve which then trips other mechanisms of the toilet, the toilet would just be another bowl with water. In a sense, you can say that the toilet handle is the key part or essence of the toilet.


Toilet handles are what make toilets function. It is the first domino to be tripped and at the end when the last valve or domino has fallen, the water from the tank is quickly released to the bowl. This fast action of water discharge plus the help of gravity's pull is what causes the water to flush and make its way to the septic tank.

Buying toilet handles

One of the common problems of toilets is broken toilet handles. What would one do in an event where these pieces of toilet fixtures are broken? You just might have to get pail of water to flush the things that is afloat in the bowl. But do not fret! You can always replace broken toilet handles. There's no use fixing an old broken toilet handle, it is always better off replacing it. When you need to buy a toilet handle you can't always go to the nearest home store and make a purchase. Toilets have specifications, finding a toilet handle with the same specifications may be a challenge if your toilet's model has stopped production. But you can always try and see if stores have them. It is advised that you bring the broken piece so you can get the right size for replacement. This is crucial because in an event that they don't have the same brand/kind of handle, they will be forced to look for a close substitute. If you can't determine the size, you might end up getting a handle too big for the hole of your toilet. In this scenario, you will not be able to make the hole bigger by drilling it because this will cause the material of the tank, which is commonly ceramic, to break. This will be waste of time and money and the effort you wasted in going to the store. So be sure to bring the piece for comparison. Prices of normal sized toilet handles usually go for 11 dollars. To note, you can also purchase online given proper technicalities.

There are also those people who are passionate enough to invest 30-100 dollars on quirky, customized toilet handles from equally creative manufacturers. One site in the web, horseshoe-hardware has the wackiest toilet handles you've seen. Designs of goldfishes, mermaids, motorcycles, electric guitars, turtles even a royal flush of cards. Searching online will also make you stumble on unique and rare finds. Those who want to add a bit of flare to a boring toilet, can get these toilet handles delivered to there home.

The thing that makes these quirky pre-fabricated toilet handles expensive is the materials used and the craft in molding these materials to the desired shape. Toilet handles may come in copper, brass, metal, plastic, nickel, chrome and bronze. There are Victorian style toilet handles and there are chromed plated even gold toilet handles available.

Replacement of broken toilet handles

Replacing broken toilet handles is relatively easy. The things you will need for this task is a simple adjustable wrench and the replacement handle. First step is to get the lid of the tank and place it somewhere safe for both you and the lid itself. The next step is to unhook the chains that are attached to the handle, leaving the flush rod inside. You then have to remove the nut of the flush handle placed inside the tank and turn this to a clockwise direction, to loosen it. Then take your newly bought toilet handle and do the reverse procedure. But this time remember to turn the nut into a counterclockwise direction, since it is a reverse thread. You will then have to attach the chain unto you new toilet handle and put the lid back in the tank.


Some of us neglect and underestimate little things in life, like the toilet handles of our toilets. These toilet handles have gone a long way since it was created along with the toilet by its maker, Sir Jhon Harington in1596 and popularized by Thomas Crapper in 1881. Toilet handles have long been part of human civilization and serve as convenience for our daily routine of dispelling our nature.