If you are wondering what the best resorts in Bangalore are, you will be please to find several great choices. Bangalore used to be called the Garden City of India, which today no longer applies as it has turned into a large, cosmopolitan city with less and less green spaces to go along with its large working population. The city boasts a relatively mild climate all year round, which makes it a huge attraction for tourists. The city is still rich with attractions, including any temples, and all kinds of activities to keep any traveler on the go. Enjoy reading this list of the best resorts in Bangalore below.

Taj Kuteeram
Best Resorts in Bangalore - Taj KuteeramCredit: www.tajhotels.com/Leisure/Kuteeram,BANGALORE/recreation.htmThe Dance Village and Taj Kuteeram is a cottage or boutique style hotel located in the countryside of Karnataka. Lots of clean, government owned agricultural land surrounds this hotel which invites its visitors to go on long hikes in open grassland, through farms and on country roads. There are enough different hikes to take here you could do a different one each time you go. The hotel offers its guests a lunch or dinner buffet in their open air restaurant. With a village ambience, including mud buildings and India village architecture you will find quite the cultural treat here. Pay a small fee and tour the grounds, plus see different styles of Indian dance. Each of the nine boutique cottages here are unique in design, and you can take a tour of all of them.

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort
Best Resorts in Bangalore - Angsana Oasis Spa and ResortCredit: www.angsana.comIf you are looking for more of a resort style place to stay, you might want to try Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort. Only an hour from Bangalore, this resort has a very pristine swimming pool that is designed to be enjoyed by all ages. You can choose to purchase a day package for swimming and lunch, which allows you to spend the whole day at the pool. On weekends, enjoy a good buffet meal from their restaurant. You will also enjoy walks or bike riding outside the compound wall into the village India. For large families, their suites will make your stay comfortable with two bathrooms, a kitchen sink and a small refrigerator. You can also enjoy the facilities that are available here such as a handball court, tennis court, table tennis, workout room, pool table and discounts on spa treatments.

The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa
Best Resorts in Bangalore - The Golden Palms Hotel and SPACredit: www.goldenpalmshotel.comLocated around one and a half hours from downtown Bangalore, The Golden Palms Hotel and Spa has quite the ambience. You will be greeted with an elaborate entrance to this Mediterranean style resort. One of the main attractions at this resort is its pool, which is large and sprawling. On the hottest days, it is refreshing to spend ample time here. They also have for their guests’ convenience a poolside restaurant, the Café Solaire. Here you can choose to dine from the buffet, or order a la carte. The menu itself is complimented with plenty of Indian dishes to choose from. You will also be able to choose from a menu of spa treatments at this resort.

Best Resorts in Bangalore - GunhantaraCredit: www.guhantara.comIf you want something totally unique, then the Gunhantara is the resort for you. Meaning the heart of the cave, this is India’s very first Underground Cave resort. Resting peacefully beneath the Earth’s surface, this resort has 20 rooms which include sit outs and unsuited bathrooms, plus they overlook the scenic beauty. In this circular resort, you can view the blue skies through skylights or through the sit outs which look up at the skies. In the auditorium that greets you when you enter this resort, you can enjoy all sorts of entertainment with up to 700 people at once. You will also find a food court here with cuisines from multiple ethnicities, a spa where you can rejuvenate with their wellness procedures, a conference room equipped with facilities that are state of the art such as Wi-Fi, and Madhushala, the bar where you can get drinks poured from skilled hands.

To conclude this article about the best resorts in Bangalore, when you are traveling to this place, there are numerous resorts to choose from. It doesn’t matter what type of vacation you are looking for, you can find a resort that suites your tastes. From the traditional luxury resort, to a more rustic, historical one, or even an underground cave resort, you will be happy with your choice of the best resorts in Bangalore.