Having lived in Barcelona for nearly two years now, I have certainly experienced my fair share of amazing seafood and exquisite restaurants. However, I feel compelled to share with you a little known secret about one of the best restaurants in all of Barcelona. After having received a good tip from an old friend, I decided to finally try out this little known secret in the heart of the Born district within Barcelona and I can tell you that this is a must visit for anyone coming to Barcelona. I was especially intrigued after reading that it has been voted as one of the best restaurants worldwide.

Cal Pep, located in the heart of El Born, is a must visit for any visitor to Barcelona who enjoys excellent cuisine and a lively atmosphere. Having been voted as one of the best restaurants worldwide, you will immediately begin to understand why after you enter and have a brief look around. Cal Pep is a fairly small venue, with the front part of the restaurant resembling more of a 1950´s diner, with metal stools firmly planted in front of a long bar where you can view a whole variety of the days "freshest catch."

Certainly one of the coolest factors about this restaurant is that they do not offer a menu, thus forcing you to enter into a lively discussion with any of the servers about what to order, what they would recommended, what is fresh for that day, plus a whole lot more. In fact, if you would like to get the opinion of Pep himself, he can found behind the bar, working to ensure that the service and all of the food that leaves his kitchen is top notch.

I happened to visit Cal Pep for the first time for my twenty-eight birthday and I can honestly say that without a doubt it was the finest "comida del mar" that I have eaten in all of Barcelona. However, you should bear in mind that although you will eat like a king, you will have to pay for it as well. For the two of us, we shared about five or six plates (very large "tapas" portions) and ordered a couple of drinks each, totaling out to about ninety Euros. However, if you enjoy excellent seafood, a lively and inviting atmosphere, an excellent staff, and meeting new people, then you certainly will enjoy Cal Pep.

I have to reiterate that another cool thing about this restaurant is that is located within one of the freshest "barrios" of Barcelona. El Born is full of excellent restaurants, cafes, bars, and plazas that you can continue to enjoy yourself late into the evening, well after having finished your meal. In fact, you might very well find that this is the precise neighborhood in which you would like to reside, while in Barcelona. This is because, in addition to what was mentioned above, El Born is centrally located, just minutes from the Barcelona beach as well as from the heart of the city. In addition, you can find an excellent variety of Barcelona apartments in El Born in which you may reside, which can offer you a reasonable price, plus a ton of space.

So that´s it. I hope you enjoyed my review and please, for your own good, discover the secrets that this old man Pep is offering. You will be pleasantly surprised.