Delicious restaurants are easily found in Quebec City, Canada because of its French heritage. You just have to walk around the old town and check the menus to realize how different from the rest of Canada and even North America the food is. But with so many choices of restaurants in Old Quebec, you may wonder where to eat in Quebec City. They will probably be within a 15-minute-walk radius around your hotel so you have no excuse not to go eat there.

Café du Monde

Café du Monde probably is the most famous restaurant in Quebec City among the inhabitants of the city. It has a big parking-lot with valets and looks really fancy. You better make a reservation before going there. When you enter the restaurant, you have to climb up the staircase where the hostess will invite you to put your coat in the closet. Then you will be seated with either a view on the kitchen and bar or on the Saint-Laurent which is a beautiful view.

The menu is very French with a selection of fish, duck confit or other delicious French specialties. If you want something different, the waitress will bring a black board with the selection of the day. Ask for the best food of the night if you do not know what to order. The service is top-notch with really good advice. For example, if you happen to choose a seared duck foie gras that may have a lot of fat in it, the waitress will immediately offer to add a salad to balance the heaviness of the food. That is how you can spot a really fine dining venue.

For dessert, there was a dessert of the day that was a fried ice cream. It was actually a phyllo dough pastry rolled around ice cream that was deep-fried. A surprising combination of hot and cold !

La Grolla

This Swiss restaurant outside the walls of the Old Town of Quebec City is really busy. You should make a reservation or go early if you do not want to miss on a fondue extravaganza. They have all types of fondue: cheese, meat, chocolate and even a chinese one. The cheese is imported from switzerland and they have a good selection of cured meat.

The cheese fondue is what that place is famous for and any type is worth trying. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to the lovely waiters. Fredeau is the funniest one and will entertain your table even if you do not speak French.

When the cheese in the bottom of the pot becomes to hard to get with a piece of bread, the waiter comes with a spatula and scrape the bottom so you can eat the best part of the fondue : crusty cheese.

If you still have room in your tummy, you can try the delicious chocolate fondue. But if you made the mistake of eating a lot of bread with your cheese, you might want to come back another day to enjoy cocoa.

Le Cochon Dingue Restaurant in Quebec City, CanadaCredit: GedsLe Cochon Dingue

The name of the restaurant literally means "the crazy pig" and is also a pun with the guinea pig ("cochon dinde" in French). It has everything pig but they also have duck or chicken for people who do not like pork.

The humor on the menu reflects the originality of the owners. The taste is what makes them so famous in Quebec City and you should definitely try that place when you walk the Champlain avenue in front of the Chateau Frontenac.

Entrecôte Saint-Jean

Their specialty is the rib steak with fries. It is simple but the meat is selected and cooked to perfection. No need to add a ton of sauce because the meat should be enough. This is a restaurant for meat lovers and you will have a meal that will be worth your money.

If you can get a pepper sauce with your meat, it will enhance the taste of the meat.

Au Petit Coin Breton

A typical French restaurant that serves crêpes. A good place to eat in Quebec City where you can enjoy your meal just like in Brittany, the Western part of France. Choose your filling and enjoy your crêpe with a glass of cider. Do not try to put everything in it because it will just kill the taste: less is more. Plus, leave some room for the dessert. My personal favorite is the chocolate with ice cream one.

I would recommend to go to these places for dinner or when you have time to enjoy your meal. The French experience should not be rushed because you have to visit a museum or a plane to catch. For on-the-go but still tasty lunch, you should try one of the cheap restaurants of Old Quebec.