There are days when the winter does not seem to stop and you wish you had hand warmers in your pockets. Small and useful, they will heat up your hands so you will stop freezing and shaking. On top of that, you can use them again and again so you will not have to spend more money. Efficient investment for the cold weather that comes back multiple times a year.

Reusable Hand Warmers

These hand warmers have a metallic chip in the middle of a gel that reacts together when the metallic disk is flexed. The reaction is an exothermic crystallisation : fighting the cold with chemistry. These will give you heat for 20 minutes to 2 hours.

To "recharge" them, you will have to put them in boiling water so that the crystals will turn back to gel. They have the advantage that you can use them while camping and recharge them if you do not have access to a power outlet.

Recommended use : For a day-trip, commuting or camping.

Electric Hand Warmers

These electric hand warmers use batteries and are rechargeable either by plugging them in an outlet or by using disposable batteries. Easy enough to use as an everyday accessory. It is the perfect item in your pockets when commuting back and forth to work.

They last about 5 to 7 hours and usually come with a pouch to protect them and yourself from burning your hands.

Recommended use : Everyday life like commuting to work or going shopping or walking.

Lighter Fuel Hand Warmers

These are mostly produced by Zippo, the lighter company. They use fuel to provide the heat and are rechargeable the same way a Zippo lighter are.

Recommended use : For camping or people owning a Zippo lighter.

Disposable Hand Warmers

As their names state it, you cannot reuse these. They are useful on a trek where you stay outside for hours and you do not have access to an electrical outlet or boiling water. They offer you from 7 to 12 hours of heat and you can throw them in the garbage so you do not have to carry it around all day-long.

Recommended use : For camping and anywhere without an outlet or boiling water.

They are plenty of choices for you to avoid freezing outside. Hand warmers are the best way to keep your hands from being frozen. It is an investment that is cheap for its everyday use.