Numerous people will use eBay or Craigslist to sell their cell phones they no longer want or need. However, another resource gaining ground with both well admired platforms is Gazelle. This online resource for putting money in your pocket for used cell phones and other small gadgets has more than a few benefits not found with EBay or Craigslist. An overall review of the company is found here.

One of the biggest advantages Gazelle has over other companies is for iPhones. They have an interest in buying them if they are broke, smashed, soaked or simply dead. Nearly everyone looking for an IPhone through EBay or Craigslist wants it in working order. This company doesn’t care if they are or not which makes it easy to get money for a non-working IPhone device. Along with this benefit there are several others which make it a wonderful place to exchange a number of these and similar items for money.

How this particular wonderful online company works and what to expect is here.

What they will accept

The company will take small electronic items which include; cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods and Macs. All working and non-working Apple devices are desired by Gazelle. They are finding new homes for these and paying you for them at the same time.

How it works

Getting an offer is quick, easy and free of charge. When you visit the site you complete an information form detailing what type of device you have and what condition it is in.

Honesty is the best policy for the condition to assure you receive the correct payment without delay. Try to assess it as impartially as possible. Although you feel the condition is terrific, will someone else? If not, give it the rating someone else would for the same device. Many customers even discover they underestimate the condition in which case they get an adjustment to the original offer.

Sharing the condition is multiple choices. Choose from good, fair, poor or excellent. Along with the condition you need to share what parts you include as well. These include things like chargers, power adapters and other cables. The more you have the better reimbursement you will get. This could make an enormous difference in a cell phone offer.

How items are priced

Once all the necessary info is entered, you get a reimbursement amount for each thing you want to sell. The price is the current listing for the day. It is subject to change. Meaning if you enter the info on Tuesday chances are you will not get the same price on Thursday for the same information. The pricing adjustment is due to what Gazelle customers buying the item want to pay and several other factors.

If you would like to gamble the price of your iPhone device will increase over the next several days or weeks, there is an option to receive email updates on the pricing of your phone. The company will email you updates about the current value of your gadget.

If you disagree with any price offered you can ask to cancel the order. You will get your gadget returned without delay.

No payment for an item

There is a chance that Gazelle is not interested in buying an item. This is typical with an older item no one wants or one in very poor condition. When this happens the company will not pay you, but they will recycle it for you.

They will return non-payable items if you want them. Simply respond to the companies email with the instructions to return it.

How is payment received?

Gazelle sends compensations to customers in the form of a check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. What type you want is up to you. One option not seen with Craigslist or EBay is the alternative to send it to any non-profit organization you choose.

How to send items in

After completing your online forms they send a Fed Ex box to your door to return your devices. Generally you send these in and an email acknowledging receipt goes to you in a couple of days.

Shipping is free of charge. This is wonderful when you have items as large as a Mac Book or multiple phones which could cost you a small fortune to get them to the company.

What happens next?

After receiving your package, devices go through a series of tests. They check to make certain they are in working order and the condition you stated. If sending in attachments, these are also assessed for working order. If sending more than one phone, an email goes to customers for each one stating how much they will pay.

Any discrepancy in what you shared and what they discover result in an email being sent to your attention noting these. It will express any problems or concerns which will affect the pricing or payment sent to you. Characteristically any issues results in a reduction in pricing which you can accept or deny.

Customers have the choice of accepting a lower fee or having a device returned. Usually the lower price is the popular choice. This happens because you are trying to sell the item. Regardless of the condition, returning it means you will need to make an alternative plan to get your money out of it. The cheaper route is accepting the reduced price instead of reselling it on eBay or Craigslist in the current condition.

When can I expect my money?

Most items process and payment made within a week or ten days at the most. PayPal is the fastest way to get paid. Even if you send more than one item, each one pays out individually.

Make extra money

There is a sort of referral program. They will send a current customer $10 for every first gadget sold by a friend to the business.

Customer reviews and complaints

Most customers are okay with the service they receive from the company. They would recommend them to others and use them again. The largest complaint is customers would like to use UPS over Fed Ex for shipping. Over ninety percent of customers who use Gazelle would use them again or recommend them to friends and family.

One of the best things about the site is they will publish all reviews. Some are great while others are not so great. Most of the negative ones were small issues like payment taking a little longer than expected or the payment email went to spam filter. No major red flags or concerns are found by current customers. In fact, many find they rated their cell phones lower than they needed to and paid more than the first offer.

In conclusion

With over one million gadgets traded they are certainly holding their own in the industry. CNet, the New York Times and even the Wall Street Journal have all reviewed the company in a positive light.

They are an accredited company rated A plus with the BBB or Better Business Bureau as of the day this article published.  This alone puts them way ahead of millions of online companies. Working with Gazelle is certainly worth your time for any interested party.



They will recycle any phones you do not want

recycling non usable phones is possible

This is an opinion of the site from a customer's point of view