Best Reviewer is a new website where you earn money by posting lists.

You post lists of top 3, top 6, top 10, up to top 20 things. Most lists are short. The site is still in its launch phase and most lists are by people who are already trying to make money online. I thought of doing a list of my favourite 5 blogs and linking to all five but thought it was a bit heavy-handed. It has not stopped other people doing similar lists though.

How Does Best Reviewer Earn You Money?

You earn money because there are three Adsense Blocks on each Top 5 List. The top block always belongs to the Top 5 author, assuming that he or she has an Adsense account. This is a superb way for anyone to make extra money from just a little effort. It takes about 30 minutes to put one of these Top 5 Lists together. It takes so long because you have to find a URL to go with each List Item.

What Is The Best Way to Use Best Reviewer?

If your Top 5 is of high value search terms like Top 5 Hotels in Cork City, then there is a chance someone will click on your Adsense Ads, which will almost certainly be for Cork City Hotels.

Clearly, you need to put a bit of thought into the text used in your Top 5 List, especially in the Introductory Paragraph. It will need to include a few different key words that a PR 0 site might be able to rank for even without any backlinks. This would be a case of hitting the long-tail keywords.

Is Best Reviewer Suitable For Anybody?

This would serve as an excellent way for someone new to the idea of writing online to make some money. You need an Adsense account and an Internet connection and that's all. The text with each List Item is very short and would not unduly tax an eight year old child. Anyone can set up a free blog and use it to get an Adsense account.

When Would You Fit Best Reviewer Into Your Day?

Best Reviewer requires minimal effort and thought. I plan to do a few Top 5 lists in the evenings, when my brain is too fried too do much constructive thinking. You could even do it from your mobile phone in work breaks, it's that easy to do.

Do You Get Any Links?

Yes you do. All links are DoFollow at the time of writing. You get links from your Signature Block to one website of your choice. Your Profile Links are also DoFollow. You get links to your Profile from the front page if you are a Top Referrer, Top Commenter or Top List Poster.

How Else Can You Make Money From Best Reviewer?

There is a referral program. Referrers get the bottom Adsense block on every Top 5 List that their referral writes, every time, for ever.


Best Reviewer seems to me to be a worthwhile opportunity. This concept has the potential to attract search engine traffic and people who are looking for information, in the long run. It also attracts information providers, who can throw a list together with very little thought and earn money from it.

Those who get on board early are going to grab some profitable Top 5 Lists.

I do not think it is worth spending a lot of time promoting your lists, perhaps just throw the odd InfoPirate or Xomba Bookmark at them. At the moment the site is brand new and the only way your Top 5 list will appear in Google is with a few links. Eventually these lists should rank without any links.

Links are likely to be NoFollowed at some point, so it is not worth building Top 5 lists just for the DoFollow links from a PR 0 site.