Robotic Puppy - Best Toys for Kids

Who would have guessed that the robotic puppy would be as charming as the real canines of today? Robotic puppies have warmed the hearts of thousands of canine-loving fans as robots are still popular today. They are an amazing advancement of technology's power to reach greater heights. They also show how artificial intelligence has leveled up during the 21st century. But how can a robotic puppy offer warmth and companionship? Read on and find out on how they started and where to buy different kinds of models suited for your personality.

The start

It is said that the first robotic puppy or dog was manufactured by Sony and the first model of such was released in 1999 - the famous and pioneering, AIBO, or Artificial Intelligence roBOt. What's so intriguing about these models is that they actually go through the stage of being a robotic puppy. Its complex design enables it to learn and mature based on external stimuli from their perspective owners and the environment. Each unit "grows" in a different way according to what they have experienced. Special features include being able to see and recognize patterns in its surroundings via an internal camera, they can also remember where they have walked and even identify spoken commands in English and Spanish and able to understand a hundred voice commands such as sit and speak. Another feature to look forward to is that the AIBO has a personality of its own, like man's best friend of being stubborn. Sad to say, AIBO was discontinued in 2006 because of Sony's effort to make more profit. Even though they stopped production, they are still considered hot and rare commodities. Do not fret though, AIBOs can still be found. The best chance to get one is to go directly to Sony or to some authorized retailers. You can also buy pre-used ones or bid for them online. AIBOs cost not less than 1500 dollars and prices may increase depending in the rarity of the model.

After AIBO, many manufacturers followed suit to the robotic puppy craze. Various models then were released. The Korean company DasaTech hoping to fill the robot-dog-void when AIBO was discontinued, launched its first prototype of Genibo in 2006. Genibo was less smooth when it came to movement but it was more dog-like in terms of appearance and behavior. It resembled a bull terrier and is made to walk around on its own, sit, roll over, pretend to mark its territory etc. it I can also recognize its master through face recognition and responds to touch and verbal commands. These are sold online for not less than 1500 dollars.

If you're looking for something that is easier on the pocket, there are favored robotic puppy models that are known for their cuteness and affordability. Poo-chi from Tiger toys and Mio-pup fro Hasbro come in an assortment of designs. They sell for about a hundred dollars online. There's also the Tekno puppy from Tekno and the iDog from Hasbro both sells for about 30-80 dollars. Price also varies on the type of model and design.

Uses and arguments

Studies on robot-man relationships reveal that people who spend time with robotic dogs or pets, experience less stress, decreased depression and an uplifted mood, it gives the same benefits of owning a real dog without the hassle of feeding, grooming and picking up its poop. In Japan, where the populace consists of mostly lonely elderly people, the creation of the robotic puppy was an important development, because they believe that it lessened the burden of the elderly since robotic puppies would be able to comfort and console them. But some argue that substituting real relationships with inanimate objects was not healthy and could potentially damage the emotional and moral development of children. Some also say that is ethically wrong, creating delusions for people. Aside from the entertainment and the company robotic puppies and pets provide, animatronics could be beneficial to the environment. Artificial animals are used nowadays to trick and catch poachers who have been depleting species of sorts.

The alternatives

Today a number of competitive manufactures have released various robotic pets aside from the robotic puppy. There are robo cats, robo pandas, robo boas, robo raptors, robo reptiles and all other assortments of artificial intelligence. Prices range from a hundred to two thousand dollars depending on the manufacture details and complexity of the model.

These robotic puppies and pets alike have made life a little more colorful with their adorable personalities and their pimped up designs. One can really appreciate the ingenuity and design their manufacturers have put into. They are also the sign of a more technological advanced future to look forward to.