Kids love to collect things bugs, dolls, sticks, coins you name it at some point all kids collect something. And at some point it seems that all kids collect rocks. Rocks can be one of the more interesting items to collect if given the right tools and one of those tools would be a rock tumbler. Rock tumblers are small motorized containers or barrels that are filled with rocks and rock tumbler grit. When turned on the rocks tumble around inside the barrel and slowly become smooth and polished exposing there inner beauty. This is basically the same thing a river or creek does only many times faster. With the help of a rock tumbler an innocent rock collection can become much more. This fun and educational hobby even effect adults either way if you are looking for the best rock tumblers look now further. This article will educate you on a number of the best rock tumblers available, where to get them and how much they are. They have even been broken down into price ranges, rock tumblers over a hundred dollars and under a hundred dollars. There is sure to be at least one that catches your eye.


Types of Rock Tumblers


Thumlers Rotary Tumbler Polisher Media RocksThere are dozens maybe even hundreds of different rock tumblers on the market. For the most part they are all the same but can be broken down into two different group professional grade and hobby grade. Hobby grade is exactly what it sounds like they are made a little cheaper and don't normally last as long as the professional grade. The good thing is the professional grade is not that much more expensive with some models starting under a $100.

There are also two types of rock tumblers rotary tumblers and vibratory tumblers. Rotary tumblers are the classic style described above a vibratory tumbler is filled with rocks, water, and rock tumbler grit. The vibratory tumblers don't round the rocks like the rotary style they mostly just clean and polish the stones. They are also more expensive that the rotary.

Probably the easiest way to start is by buying a kit and not just the tumbler it may seem a little more expensive but if you were to price out all the supplies needed it would about the same price or more. With that said here are a few of the best rock tumblers above and below $100.


Best Rock Tumblers for Sale under a $100


Model A-R1 Special Kit Rock TumblerThe first in our list of rock polishing equipment is Thumler's model A R1 Special Kit Rock Tumbler by Tru-Square Metal Products. The A R1 Kit has a three pound capacity meaning everything added to the tumbler like the rocks, water, and grit should weigh less than three pounds. It has a rubber barrel, four grades of polishing abrasives, jewelry finding and even the rocks. So as you can see purchasing a kit is very easy and convenient. Thumler's A R1 can be purchased at most toy stores like Toys R Us and online at Amazon for under $100.00.

Another great kit for under hundred dollars is the Lortone Complete 3A Kit Rock Tumbler. As the name suggests this is another kit that is ready to go right out of the box. It comes with three pound tumbler, rough stones, and four tumbler grits. It is available online at for around $85.00.


Best Rock Tumblers for Sale over a $100


Thumler's Model B Rock TumblerIf your wanting a rock polishing machine that is a little more robust here are a few more examples. Not a lot more expensive but definitely a little more investment for sure. Thumler's model B #140 is a more professional tumbler and can be used for more than tumbling rocks. Many gun enthusiast use the model B for cleaning cartridge casing for reloading. It is heavy duty and packed with features like a continuous duty fan cooled motor with overload protection. The hexagon barrel is made of steel and lined with removable rubber for a quieter operation. It has a fifteen pound capacity and a five year warranty available online at Amazon, Cabela's, and which also has the cheapest price at $160 at the time of this writing. This polishing machine is guarantied to be years of fun.

The Lortone 45C rock Tumbler Kit includes a ten sided molded rubber barrel with a four pound capacity, three polishing grit sizes, Cerium Oxide polishing compound and four ounces of plastic pellets, it also has a one year warranty. All for around $130 and available at

As you can see there are many different rocks tumbler for various prices. Not mentioned above are the higher end commercial tumblers that can cost hundreds of dollars but most people have no need for anything even close to those. So next time you need a birthday or Christmas gift for that special rock hound in your life whether their eight or eighty consider a rock tumbler.