Root Coloring

If you are like me, a lot of hair and a little gray, you need a hair color kit to touch up the roots easily.  With long hair a full color is difficult, messy and generally unecessary if you are just tryng to cover up some gray roots.  I have tried a lot of different products and this is my review of the one I think is best, and why.

Loreal Root Touch Up

L'Oreal Paris Root Rescue Coloring Kit is a simple box kit with everything you need to touch up gray roots.  If, like me, you aren't making a drastic change to you real hair color this is the only product you need.  You pour the developer into a long thin container and then screw on an application brush and apply.

Why This is the Best Kit

1) Price: you can get this kit for around seven dollars, half the price of most similar products.

2) Ease of use: you don't need tubs, brushes or anything else.  the bottle doubles as an aplicator and your hardly even need the protective gloves.

3) Good gray coverage: this stuff really clobbers the gray.

4) Blends well with natural hair color: So long as you choose a color within one shade of your natural hair color it will look completely natural.  So you don't get that brassy dyed hair look and your hair color doesn't change noticeably between being freshly dyed or left for weeks.

5) Color holds well: I wash my hair every day or two and this color hold prefectly well for at least four weeks, possibly longer. It also washes off my skin (and bathroom tiles) much better than some of the other brands.

6) Not smelly: I don't know how they did it by this dye does not have an ammonia smell.

7) Quick: ten minutes developing time is more than enough.

Things I Didn't Care About but You Might

This is a simple kit and it does not come with a cap, tools or conditioner.

The amount is sufficient to cover my part and most of the crown of my head.  It is a touch up kit and will not cover a whole head of hair.  If you have extremely thick hair or short hair with thirsty ends this amount might not be sufficient.

Note of Caution:

Loreal colors run a little redder than many people expect (see Amazon reviews). I use a cool shade of brown and have absolutely no compaints.  But you should be a little more careful when matching an auburn shade.

Also, as I mention it is a good amount to touch up the roots of longer hair.  But I suspect shorter hair might be a problem as it tends to need more mixture.