When you want a unique craft or hobby, you may consider rubber stamping. The hobby is quickly becoming an admired and interesting craft. To begin requires having rubber stamp supplies. Here are a few supplies that will help you begin your new quest.

Begin by selecting the type of design of stamp you want to use for your first image. The typical stamp is made of rubber secured to a block of wood. This helps to hold the rubber in place as well as helping to hold the stamp during the process.

The stamps are available in most hobby stores in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. You will find a wide selection of stamps that will help you find the perfect design for your new craft. Since this is your first project, select a stamp with a simple design to allow you to learn the art of the craft.

Select one with a bold design that will be easily transferred to the material's surface. Ink is the second most important for the supplies you will select. The inks are in a variety of colors with different types of drying time or other special needs of the craft.

Since some projects require slower drying times or water resistance, the options of selecting the right types of ink are available. For the first project, select a dark color.

The inks are easy to remove from the stamps making needing special cleansers not a part of this hobby. Paper is the third part of the rubber stamp supplies.

Since most stamping is performed on paper, you will need to determine the type of paper or cardstock you want for the project. If you are creating homemade cards, the use of cardstock is beneficial.

You can select blank cardstock that you can easily cut down to the right size for easy decorating. Color pens or markers are other supplies you will need for your craft.

The colored pens are used to enhance the stamped designs in different manners such as writing or highlighting the designs. Select a waterproof maker or pen.

When you obtain the rubber stamp supplies as listed, you are well on your way to begin the exciting and interesting hobby many enjoy. Have fun and use your imagination to start a wonderful hobby.