Amphipod AirFlow Lite
My Favorite
Running Accessory 

If you are an avid runner you no doubt have your own favorite running accessories. For me it is my Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack. This is a low profile running belt that lets you carry ID, keys, phone and music player.

The Amphipod AirFlow Lite is the perfect accessory for runners who want to have a few important items with them when they run, but don't want to carry those items in their hands. The best uses for this waistpack is for flat items. The AirFlow is not a large bag that will hold many bulky items. But because it is made of neoprene and a stretchy mesh material it can accommodate a bit more bulk that it appears it should.

The pack attaches firmly around the waist so that you don't experience any bouncing or sensation of movement. Even as a heavy sweater, I do not notice the bag causing any more sweat than normal. This is due to the material that is used in making the bag. The bag breathes well and helps keep sweat to a minimum. Though some of my clothes seem to retain sweat odors, the Amphipod pack washes well and can be used when I am not running without causing other people around me to pass out.


The pack is very well made. I have owned mine for three years and it shows no signs of wear. The plastic clasp is still firm and gives no appearance of weakening any time soon. There is a delicate-looking zipper that closes the pack. It has never failed me and is much more durable than it looks. I usually run my headphone cable out the open end of the zipper.

Besides the neoprene bag itself there is a sturdy elastic band that goes around your waist. The elastic on my Amphipod waistpack is not sagging even after years of use, sweat and washing machines. The strap is wide and strong. Because it is made of sturdy elastic it will hold firm to your waist, but the wide (and somewhat thick) strap will not cut into you unless you are wearing it too tightly.

With the exception of user abuse, I cannot imagine this pack failing in any way. No one should be unhappy with the way this running pack is constructed. It is important that you have a running pack that you have confidence in. If your bag falls while running you will probably know it, but you don't want to risk damaging your phone in the process.

There are two pockets inside the pack. They are separated by a neoprene divider. I usually carry my phone or MP3 player in the larger of the two pockets while keeping my keys and identification in the outer pocket. Even with the zipper opened a little so that I have easy access to the volume controls on my phone/MP3 player I never fear that it will jump out because the pack conforms nicely to my waist and everything inside is snugly held in place.

My Amphipod AirFlow

Although I have read all the same advice you have, I still bought a piece of equipment the week before my first marathon. It happened to be this running pack. I had a chance to use it one time before the race to make sure it would not rub a blister on me. Fortunately, I had no problems in my test run nor in the marathon. In three years of use I still have never had a blister from the Amphipod belt.

The pack was perfect for carrying my running gels and telephone during the marathon. I was a runner for two years previous to buying the AirFlow. I had to carry my iPod and any other equipment with me while on the road. The Amphipod bag helped me make it through my first marathon without carrying anything in my hands. They were free to grab water at water stations and deal with the gel packs I was carrying.

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Since buying my Amphipod AirFlow Lite I have run more than 1400 miles. It would be a rare run that I do not take my favorite running accessory--the AirFlow. I even use it for most of my bike rides: both for exercise and commuting around town.


According to Amazon there is only one size for this pack. I thought that when I bought mine it had various sizes to choose from. Whether it did or didn't, there is only one size now. If there in fact were various sizes, I would have bought a size medium.

I have a 34" waist (this puts me right between medium and large size clothing--depending on the cut). The Amphipod pack fits me well with the straps adjusted almost all the way out. If you were much bigger then you might find the pack feels a little tight. The elastic is very strong and could be problematic if you wore it too tightly. I put it on with enough tension to hold the contents in place but not more than necessary.

The pack will adjust to a much smaller person. There should not be any concerns about this waistpack fitting even if you were much smaller. It should adjust down to the size of a small child without any problem.


There are many other Amphipod products that you can attach to the AirFlow. The company is probably better known for their fuel and water bottles. These can easily be added to the AirFlow's strap to provide a complete hydration and fueling solution.

They have other smaller packs that you can get to hold just a couple of gels on the side straps. Obviously your ability to accessorize will depend on how much strap you have on either side of the pack and clasp.

Best Running Accessory

I have enjoyed various running accessories, but would not hesitate to say that the Amphipod AirFlow Lite is my favorite of all the ones I enjoy running with.

Besides your shoes and running clothes, what is your favorite running accessory?