Seo Strategies

There are many solid seo strategies you can employ to use the power of the search engines to get more traffic to your website. If you take the time and learn how to do them right, you can get a ton of targeted traffic for free... what could be better than that?

There are two basic seo strategies to follow: on site and off site. On site is just that, all the seo techniques you utilize right on your website or blog. These can be quite simple or very complex, it really depends on your time and expertise (or if you have a big enough budget to hire someone to do it for you).

Even if you don't have a big marketing budget there are some simple things you can do that will help you stand out in the search engines. Something as simple as using a keyword phrase in your title and header tags can make all the difference and it is easy enough for anyone to do.

Off site seo can be the techniques that you use to drive traffic to your website from another location online. The best example of this is article marketing which is also sometimes called bum marketing (the idea that even a bum off the street can use this method to start building a business online for free).

If you don't know what article marketing is, it is simply a method of getting targeted traffic to click on a link at the end of your keyword optimized article and visit your website.  It is free to write the article and free to submit it to article directories so the whole process is... free.

The most important component to make this method work for you is picking the right keywords to target. If you pick keywords that have huge monthly searches but extremely high competition, it will be almost impossible for you to get a high enough ranking for those keywords to attract any attention.

If you target keywords that have virtually no competition, you won't get enough searches to make it worth the high ranking you are able to get.

So, the answer lies in landing somewhere in the middle. A good rule of thumb is to compile a keyword list that has keywords that get at least 1,500 searches a a month but 20,000 competitors or less.

If you have a keyword list of 20 or more keywords that meet this criteria and you write decent, informative articles around each keyword than submit them to article directories, you can get really great amounts of targeted visitors to your website.

Using keyword optimized article marketing to drive quality, targeted traffic to your site is one of the best seo strategies you can use. It's effective and it won't cost you anything more than a little of your time.