The Most Amazing Places To Stay In Kenya

From Minimalistic Bush Camps To Luxurious Lodges

Kenya is one of the most amazing places in the world.  If you want to take a truly unforgettable trip, go on safari in East Africa and experience the world’s last great wildlife savannah.  If you want to jump off a cliff into the Sand River, hand feed giraffes, stalk cheetah from your Land Cruiser, visit baby orphan elephants, and dance with Maasai warriors, this trip is for you.

Find a small, experienced, passionate travel agency and ask them to include at least a couple of the following destinations in your itinerary:

Elephant Watch

Elephant Watch(40634)

Built along the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River, this amazing camp is run by Oria Douglas-Hamilton, wife of renowned zooligist and elephant conservation advocate, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton.  During your stay at Elephant Watch, you will eat gourmet meals and receive protective oversight by Samburu warriors.  Don’t be surprised if an elephant wanders within feet of your lodge looking for a late night snack!




Located in central Kenya, Sabuk overlooks a beautiful hillside and features some of the most amazing scenery in Kenya.  This lodge is also a short walk from a winding river, and you can actually make camp on its banks and spend a night in nature with your guides, eating well and learning how to make a fire with your hands.

Cottars Camp



This 1920s style camp is located next to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Owned for over eighty years by the Cottar family, this lodge will make you feel like you are on a turn-of-the-century big game expedition with your fellow chaps.  Steeped in British tradition, you will enjoy pampered service and teatime daily.  The guides are also some of most knowledgeable in the country.



By far the most luxurious Kenyan safari lodge, Shompole has been host to Sports Illustrated bikini photo shoots and big name celebrities.  It is the perfect place to end your safari experience or just take a break halfway through your trip.  Pools and open-air bedrooms sprinkle the hillside, and cobblestone pathways lead to luxurious dining rooms and relaxation areas.  Spoil yourself – spend a night (or three) at Shompole.