According to FBi crime statistics, the average burglar only spends 6 minutes inside a home.[1]  That is not a lot of time but it makes sense because a robber does not want to go in and set up camp.

So given that short amount of time, it is natural to assume they are prioritizing where they want to look for valuables. More often than not, they will simply grab what is in plain sight and take off.

While petty thieves may not be the smartest people in the world, they know enough not to go around looking for safes to crack in a limited amount of time.

Where to Hide Safe

Hiding a safe in your house may be a solution, specifically something called a diversion safe. Diversion Book SafeCredit: OpesnourceThese come in many different types but the principle is the same. They take an ordinary object  and create secret hiding places inside of it to store items.

For instance, one type of safe could be a book with a real cover and real pages inside, only part of the paper inside it is cut out to allow for a small empty compartment. Others include various type of cans that are hollow inside and have a top or bottom that screws off.

Several years ago, I bought a diversion can safe to store various types of keys and thumb drives. In fact, it was an Ajax brand can on the outside. You could not tell the difference between it and the real thing of course.

The can contained a padded compartment inside that you could get to by unscrewing the bottom of the can. The only way anyone would ever know that it was a safe would be if they picked it up and shook it. However, the odds of that happening is very low if it is placed among other similar cans.

The can is large enough to hold money, jewelry, credit cards, a cell phone, thumb drives and anything of that general size. You can even put your passport inside if you are ok with it curling a bit.  

While these types of diversion safes can be just as effective as visible, solid safes, they cost much less, typically between $10 - $20. And there is no installation required of course.

The only issue you will need to be concerned with is if you live with another person. Make sure they are in on the secret. You do not want them accidentally throwing away your “empty” can by mistake.

This Ajax can unscrews at the bottom to allow money, jewelry and other small valuables to be stored discreetly.

Example of Diversion Can Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 10001C Ajax Diversion Can Safe mjpyro 2014-04-20 5.0 0 5

My Verdict

Secret Hiding Places
Credit: Opensource

These types of safe are worth the cost. I use mine all of the time in my home and even take it with me sometimes when I travel. I have thought about getting another brand to take to Brazil when I travel. Why? Well, the Coke cans like this in Rio are all in portuguese, so it kind of makes it stand out.

That is another thing to consider when choosing a brand. Make sure it fits in with its surroundings and other products around it. If you drink Coke, get a Coke Diversion Safe.

Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and I recommend these for everyone that have small valuables but are not in the market for a full size safe.

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