So you were lucky enough to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and now you need some super stylish protection that matches the good looks of the phone? Here is our round-up of the top 5 cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that are out at the moment.

Being the super-hot phone of the moment and recently off the shelves there isn't the choice of covers you'll get for say an iPhone 4S, but there are still some good looking protective options to take a look through. This article will be updated once more worthy cases enter the market - only the best need apply!

iTalkonline Premium Leather Clip on Flip Case

iTalkonline Premium Leather Clip on Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy s3Credit: picked this case as my first option as it pretty much ticks all the boxes in that it's a case, but acts like a cover. So in other words you get the maximum protection you get from an all-round case but it's easy to flip it open and use the phone -- it doesn't get in the way, just the same as a snug-fitting cover doesn't.

I have personally used this case on my Galaxy and am very pleased with the results. The front cover offers superb protection (I'm quite accident prone), and although I was a little worried about the clip on part, it is soft but sturdy so doesn't damage the phone and flips off pretty easily when you need it to.

This is also one of the best priced options, so you really have nothing to lose.

Samsung Branded Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

At time of writing, this authentic Samsung branded flip cover is only available for pre-order (due 1 June), but looks like being a hot case for your Galaxy S3. Samsung Branded Galaxy S3 Flip CoverCredit:

Unlike most flip covers (like the one above) Samsung have decided to go a different way with this product and flip horizontally like a book, rather than over the top like a notebook. I guess only time will tell if this poses any problems in use.

It's available in 7 different colorways, so if you want to go for something a bit peppier instead of the usual chrome blue or white then there are plenty of options.

The advantage Samsung have here of course is that you know 100% that the relevant cut outs on this cover are going to be in the right place; still allowing you access to everything you need on your phone with the cover in place.

It also brags a super slim profile, so you won't have to worry about this case adding too much bulk to the phone.

Get a Closeup Look of the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover in Practice

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 GT-i9300 BLACK 'S' Wave Skin

I haven't used this skin on a Galaxy S3 yet, but it was the first cover I got when I purchased my S2 last year and it doesn't disappoint.Silicone Skin Wave Design Cover for Samsung GalaxyCredit:

The main attraction here is the price. You can pick them up for just a few dollars (or pounds) from Amazon or on eBay and are a good solid option. The wave design on the back adds a touch of visual interest that makes it look that little bit different, and the silicone gel cover does its job well, covering the back of the phone, hugging the curves, and leaving a little lip around the front of the phone, so you can place it face down on a table and not worry about it getting scratched.

If you can't decide on which is the best case for you just yet and want to wait for some options to be released, then this is a good bet for the interim.

A Note on Screen Protectors

Many cases and covers that you buy for the S3 are likely to come with screen protectors too. It is entirely up to you if you want to use them but I have never found it necessary on my S2. Of course it depends on your circumstances, but with regular use, getting it in and out of my bag, and having a 5 year old playing with it, I haven't suffered any damage to the Galaxy screen. It's made of gorilla glass don't you know - tough stuff!

Many have also commented that a protector can sometimes impede the on screen performance and display, so only if you subject your phone to rough and tough conditions would I recommend this option.

Mesh Cool Case in White for Samsung Galaxy S3

Many of you might remember that the official Samsung case launched for the big brother of the S3 last year was a mesh design. If it's a style you like then, this is a case that might keep you happy. It's not an official Samsung product but has plenty to recommend it.Mesh Cool Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3Credit:

Thinner phones like the S3 can be prone to getting quite hot when you are putting them through their paces for any length of time and the mesh design is meant to help with the cooling as well as looking pretty cool too. Is also available in black and blue.

The construction is quite tough, although bad news for those who put their phones face down as there is no lip - literally you get the back and sides of your phone protected. Apparently easy to install although there is little "give" in the material so it might take a few attempts to get it to click on just right.

One to Watch Out For

Case-mate are bringing out one of their "pop" cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which should be hitting shelves around the time of the general release of the phone. At time of writing no images have been released, but going on past performance this is a model that shouldn't disappoint.

The beauty of the Pop cases is that they have a hard plastic exterior to cope with bumps, knocks and scrapes, but the inside of the case is soft rubber, so it protects your phone and has excellent shock absorbing qualities. The built-in kick stand is also a bonus that can come in handy for watching videos on the go.

G-HUB Snap and Peel Stand Case Cover

G-HUB 'Snap & Peel' Stand Case Cover in Black for Samsung Galaxy S3Credit:'m not one for gimmicks when it comes to phone cases usually, as I just want them to do their job and look good without taking away from the looks of the phone. But, the G-HUB snap and peel case is really pretty cool and doesn't let it's unique selling point get in the way of the case doing its job on a day to day basis.

The case itself is easy to install, unobtrusive and keeps your phone protected all round (including a lip around the front to protect the screen). Then there is the nifty little panel on the back that you just snap out and peel into place to stand your phone up in either portrait or landscape mode. This is a great idea for watching videos, using as an alarm clock at night, or just keeping it propped up on your desk.

If you want to reduce fingerprints on your Galaxy S3 then you get a bonus stylus with this case too that should help you around that problem.

Whatever Samsung Galaxy S3 case you choose, just remember how you are likely to be using your phone on a daily basis as to which is the best option for you. And enjoy your phone - it's a beauty!