Home Satellite TV Dish

A home satellite dish tripod is a three-legged stand or support used to hold a TV satellite dish. It is one of the accessories needed in an efficient installation of a home satellite TV system, besides cables, signal meters and others.

The manufacturing industry of satellite dish tripod production has evolved, with various types of such devices being designed to suit different situations. One of these typologies is represented by the portable satellite dish tripod, which allows one to enjoy mobile satellite TV programs while on the road, camping or tailgating. A portable tripod stand for satellite TV dishes can be used with various types of satellite TV products such as FTA, DISH Network or DIRECTV satellite systems.

If one goes RVing (on a recreational vehicle journey), one can use this accessory to temporarily mount a mobile satellite dish. At home it can be used as a permanent support for satellite dishes in places like time shares, condos, rentals, apartments to enable reception of Free To Air satellite TV (FTA).

Selecting A Home Satellite TV Dish Tripod

The offer of tripods for satellite dish support is great and they can easily be purchased online, where he/she is given the opportunity to select the products according to several criteria and read customer reviews.

One of the criteria to be taken into consideration when buying a tripod is given by its dimensions. The size is dictated by the degree of exposure that the satellite dish will need to have to receive a good satellite TV signal. If the signal exposure is good, then the tripod doesn't need to be too tall. A short one better suits this situation, being easier to set up, take down and store. The best way to choose a tripod appropriate for your dish is to consider its size relative to that of the dish. The tripod must hold the dish off the ground so that the latter doesn't get dirty or damaged and provide sufficient support to securely hold the dish in place in all types of weather situations.

A second criterion is represented by the durability of the satellite dish tripod. One has to test the strength of the legs that have to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the dish without reeling or falling.

Mobile Satellite Dish TripodOne of the best and most durable satellite dish tripods is the one pictured here manufactured by Satellite Oasis and available online at Amazon. 

Ideal for mounting any type of antenna: DirecTV, DISH Network, Off-air, and/or Free-to-Air. This mount comes packaged well, is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and comes pre-assembled for easy installation. This antenna mount is 32 in. in height, including the 24 in. mast. The legs of the antenna mount are 2 ft. in length.  Some models are specifically designed for direcTV satellite dishes and other brands.

You may purchase this dish or read more detailed information on this mobile satellite dish tripod on Amazon.

This accessory allows one to take one's TV even when out in nature, camping, or fishing. Designed to hold the satellite dish, it prevents the dish to get damaged when installed in rougher environments.


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