No need to search for the best fun crafting gadgets, we have the best of the best for you right here.

Gadgets are being created for everything now, including crafting hobbies like scrapbooking and card making. With all the new choices available making sense of what the gadgets are and how they work can be confusing so here are two of the best, most versatile scrapbooking gadgets to hit the market. Both of the products have multiple uses including crossing over to other types of creating too like decoupage, or even embellishing fabrics and furniture.

Best Scrapbooking GadgetsCredit: AmazonImaginisce I-Rock Tool

Sometimes brads are the wrong size and eyelets just do not give the look you are going for. This is where the Imaginisce I-Rock tool comes in. The tool itself works with Imaginisce I-Rock Gems that have adhesive already on the backside. Instead of working with sticky gems that may land in the wrong place, the I-Rock concept allows you to place the gems wherever you would like on your scrapbook page, then turn on the tool and touch it to the top of the gems for a count of about five to seven seconds. In those several seconds there adhesive on the backside of the gem is melted. In just seconds after you remove the tool from the gem, the glue dries and adheres the gem to the page wherever you want. The uses for the gems and the tool are endless. You can use white gems to mimic stars on a small replica of an American Flag, you can use the gems on printed paper to add dimension to various parts of the print you want to bring out, you can even use them on your photos to create little borders around important features you might otherwise skim over in a photo that has a lot going on. This does get quite hot, so you do need to use some caution when using it. It requires two AA batteries that are not included, so keep that in mind if you are looking to pick it up at your next crop. The price is not too steep (under $20) and you will find so many uses for it you will be amazed.

Heat it Scrapbooking GadgetCredit: AmazonInkssentials Heat It Craft Tool

If you have ever worked with slow-drying inks, adhesives or even the ever-popular Stickles, you know how frustrating it can be to wait for your pages to dry before putting them into their page protectors. The Inkssentials Heat It Craft Tool helps speed up the drying process with minimal airflow so your perfect page is not compromised by the breeze used to dry your damp elements. Originally developed to set embossing powders, the Heat It Craft Tool is being used more and more by scrappers who are simply looking to speed up the process of drying down glues and paints that take too long on their own. At just over $20, this tool is one that can save you plenty of time, which is worth its weight in gold when you are rushing through as much crafting as possible at a group crop.