More than $5 for a pen sounds outrageous, but when it can do more than any other marker on the market the price is more understandable.

Best Scrapbooking PensCredit: AmazonProfessional artists like those who create manga art and cartoons have known about Copic markers for decades and now the avid scrapbookers are following their lead. These markers are truly professional tools for artists and crafters often consider their work a type of art. These pens are truly the best available for those who scrapbook because of the versatility and quality they offer.

Not Your Ordinary Marker

Unlike typical markers marketed to crafters, Copic markers use an ink that is based in alcohol. By using alcohol inks the markers can be used on more surfaces than typical markers that you can only use successfully on paper. Also, when you are coloring in an area on a piece of paper with a regular marker you will often get the fibers from the paper pilling and rolling up, changing the texture of the paper and giving an uneven and unattractive look. Copic markers do not lead to the pilling of the paper and do not change the texture of the surface you are working on. The markers also have minimal odor for those sensitive to the scents associated with other types of pens and are refillable. You can even buy replacement tips for the pens, making them more environmentally friendly than other markers available. The inks used are acid-free once the alcohol used in the ink has evaporated, which typically only takes seconds. They are also waterproof and fade resistant.

What Copic Markers Can Do that Other Markers Cannot

If you have ever tried writing on a photo with a regular marker you watched as the ink pulled in on itself creating a spotty, uneven look. Copic markers allow you to write on photos cleanly and evenly. Other mediums that you can use these special alcohol based inks on include bare and painted metals, vellum, sealed cardboard and chipboard, ribbon of any texture, resin and more. By choosing Copic markers, you are opening up your scrapbooking options and giving more versatility in what you can create. These pens also blend well with other Copic markers, allowing you more flexibility in color creation and shading.

Extensive Color Selection

Copic markers are available in over 300 colors. There is a special airbrush system compatible with the markers, as well. If you are looking for Copic markers or other products by the company, there is a useful tool on the website that allows you to find stores in your local area that offer the products. The pens themselves have a coding system embossed into the base that helps you decide what color family a shade falls into, and how dark and dense the ink is. This helps you find pens that are in the same color family and will complement each other.

These pens are truly professional tools and they have a higher price tag to go with it. They are investment pieces, not just pens you throw away when the ink runs out. If you are ready to step up to a more useful marker that gives you better versatility and overall quality, though, Copic markers are the way to do it.