Owning the right kind of screwdriver can come in very handy when you least expect it. It is one of the most widely used tools there is and the most reasonable in cost. There are only two types of screwdrivers, Phillips and standard, but there are countless possibilities in the way of projects that you can use them for.

From helping with mechanical issues with your car, to fixing cabinets and doors in your home. About the only thing more varied than the uses a screwdriver has, are the brands of screwdriver sets there are.

Whether you need manual screwdrivers, battery powered, or electric, you have a long list to choose from. Black and Decker is probably the most common brand name on the the market, and for good reason.

They always put out a wide range that are of outstanding quality. The price may be a bit higher than their competitors, but you're not paying for the name only. Their cordless screwdriver sets are sturdy and easy to use.

Hitachi is another high quality brand name that offers exceptional products. Their cordless screwdrivers are very popular and come in a variety of sizes. Each size is made to correspond with different tasks, so it's a good idea to get as many different sizes as you can can so you are able to take on more projects.

I can't think of a hardware or home improvement store that doesn't carry this brand and some stores will even let you try it before you buy it. Some people are very particular about what they add to their screwdriver sets, so some stores are becoming more accommodating to the customer.

Bosch and Milwaukee are two brands that offer exceptional electric screwdrivers. They would compliment a screwdriver set very well. They tend to have more power than their battery powered counterparts so you can take on bigger jobs with these workhorses.

Some of their bit and accessory kits have some very good prices attached to them so, considering the wide range of sizes that some of these kits offer, they are very easy to add to your screwdriver set as well.

If you're undecided though about which brand to buy, the internet has a wealth of information about which brands are the best for which jobs, which stores are more apt to have the best deals and when, customer reviews as well as professional reviews, and the company websites themselves which allows you to compare one brand's capabilities with another.

But whatever brand or type of screwdriver set you're looking for, if you take your time and shop around for a little bit, you'll not only find the best deals but you'll also find the best quality.

Whether the projects you'll be working on are for yourself or a friend, you'll want the right brand for the job because you'll want to do the job right. Fortunately there are a lot to choose from and hopefully this article will have helped you narrow your choices down a bit.