MacBook Pro See Through Covers and Keyboard Skins

Are you looking for the best cover and keyboard skin for a MacBook Pro laptop computer? The MacBook computer already looks great in my opinion - but what makes them look even cooler is a good see through cover or case, with a matching keyboard skin, which not only protects your MacBook but makes it look really cool and gives it a personal touch! Thankfully there are a bunch of good MacBook covers to choose from on the market, which we will take a look at here. 

The Best MacBook Pro Hard Case and Keyboard Cover Combo 

What if you want both a Macbook pro cover AND a keyboard cover to go with it? Then you should strongly consider getting this product from TopCase. It fits 13 inch MacBook Pro's perfectly, providing safety for your computer and making it really stand out. It's both durable and good looking, and you can choose whatever color you'd like.

Plus, it's less than $20 on See THrough Cover Case and Matching Keyboard SkinCredit: Amazon.comAmazon.  Not a bad deal if you ask me, considering it should last you years!

Check out this video review below of another great case for Macbook Pro's - The Speck See-Through Case, in Lime color. I personally love the lime color, but you may want a different color. It all depends on your personality. There are dozens of colors to choose from. 

If you are sold on this product, you can buy it online at Amazon, for just $31 brand new. 

MacBook Pro Accessories - Keyboard Silicone Cover Skins for MacBooks

Keyboard Skins for MacBook ProCredit:

What if you just want a keyboard cover and not a MacBook Pro cover case? There are tons of MacBook Pro cover skins for your keyboard. Best part is, there are very inexpensive, costing less than $2.

This product features an extra-thin silicone skin and fits perfectly on your MacBook Pro keyboard. The product description says it will protect against Dust, Spills, Key wear and more, and says that every key is individually molded and printed on the silicone, which makes it last longer and look more professional. It fits MacBook Pros with or without retina displays and Wireless keyboard. 

MacBook Pro accessories - The Best Wireless Mouse for a MacBook Pro

If you are in need of a wireless mouse for your MacBook computer, I would recommend the Apple Magic Mouse. This is the world's first Multi-Touch mouse. It comes standard with every new iMac, but you can also add it to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac for a Multi-Touch makeover. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on the best See Through Cover Cases and Keyboard Skins for MacBook Pro computers!

The Best Hard Case and Keyboard Skin Combo for Macbooks

Keyboard Skin Bundle for Macbooks

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