Nobody is perfect, there is always some room for improvement, and for someone looking for improvement, there's nothing better than grabbing a good self-improvement book, give it a read, and then try to act upon the advice. Problem is there are loads of self improvement books out there, but very few actually give a realistic view of what a normal person goes through. The majority of those best selling self-improvement books are kind of like fairy tales. Writing a self improvement book is not everybody's cup of tea. However, there are some writers who actually know what they are talking about, there books pertains to realistic situations and give realistic solutions. Following list of best self improvement books consist of some masterpieces by some of the best self improvement writers.

1).The Power of Your Spoken Word – Louise L.Hay

This book is nothing short of a miracle! It talks about the person inside you, the real you, helping you understand how your very own words can change your life! Louise L.Hay is a 'helluva' lady who has guided thousands of people to initiate a change in their lives. She doesn't bring in any superficial, philosophical and impractical ideas; instead her teachings are much related to the basic human nature. If you're looking for a self improvement book that could show you a way to change your current lifestyle and make it better, positive and more enlightened, this book can be a great guide.

2). the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – Steven R.Covey

No list of best self improvement books can be completed without discussing Steven R. Covey's "7 Habits of highly effective people". The book has evolved into a global phenomenon, helping people from all over the world to understand what it means to be reactive and proactive. Thanks to Steven, there are millions of people who are now practicing the art of being proactive and reaping benefits! This book is great for all fields of life; be it the business, management, lifestyle, or even marriages, etc. It teaches you the 7 habits that you should adopt if you want to be an effective individual. Steve R. Covey has a series of books that caters to the needs of teens, adults and professionals.

3). Who Moved My Cheese?

No! This is not your culinary book! The word "cheese" is used as a metaphor explaining what you want from life. This self improved book has been recommended by many management institutes as it elucidates how to deal with your personal, as well as your professional life. It is based on four characters, Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who face various challenges on reaching to their cheese while jogging through a maze. Their actions, reactions, plans and strategies very much resemble our daily interactions with people around us. Sounds interesting, already? It's easily the most captivating and one of the best self improvement books.

4). The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

Rick Warren is a religious and inspirational writer, who aims to help people change their lives through a spiritual journey. The book has claimed the top position in New York Times Best Seller for many, many years. It is a book describing a spiritual journey and fulfilling what Warren states to be God's five purposes for living a fulfilled human life. The book is especially for Christians to reflect and understand their beliefs but anybody can try reading this book and learn one thing or two.

5).The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets to Extraordinary Success in Life and Work – Ted Leonsis

Want to be successful in life and in work as well? Then make sure you read Ted Leonsis's fantastic secrets for a successful professional as well as personal life. These are not really secrets but Ted Leonsis does a great job of reminding the readers.