If you are creative, and love your hobby, why not consider turning it into a business? It could start off part time, and see how it goes, but what are the best selling crafts? What do you make that is going to line your pocket and not take months to make?

This has always been a burning question amongst new crafters and even the seasoned crafter who has been established for a while. There are always new trends happening in crafts as new products come out on the market, but many seasoned crafters will tell you, the best selling crafts are ones that fill a need.

What this means, is you try and create products that are useable and yet creative. Plus from a business point of view, you have to be able to create quality crafts, in little time and sell for a reasonable dollar or you just are not making any money.

With the economy the way it is, you should pick a couple of types of products and concentrate on them, rather than a bit of this or a bit of that. If you make great quilts but need to charge a lot of money because of the time and effort involved, then see if you can come up with something a little different that doesn't take so long. Maybe something smaller. I saw one craft table do well with tea cozies. Apparently people still like tea cozies to keep their teapot hot. They were for small teapots, and they were quilted and stuffed for insulating. Her whole table was full of lots of colorful ones, that attracted people. So, her theme was tea cozies.best selling crafts


When it comes to finding the best selling crafts it will never be making the products that will be the problem, the biggest problem with a craft business ins finding and creating the best selling crafts.

The best way to start is to first of all come up with a list:

List all your hobbies to help decide on the Best Selling Crafts

Which are your favorite?

Do you knit, crochet, paint, quilt, woodworking.. if you like everything, which is your favorite.


Once you have picked your favorite hobby, do you have the space to set up a studio, or place you can store all your supplies. If you are going to be making a few of these products, you are going to need good space for them and keep inventory.

Craft Show

If you are really stumped, head out to a local craft show, and see what everyone is creating and selling. Don't copy, but you might get inspired, or come up with a great idea based on something you saw. Notice the pricing, can you make something affordable? Many people don't have the budgets for purchasing frivolous products, but will consider things that are useable.

Craft Magazines

Take a look at a few craft magazines, or subscribe to one, or share with some friends and get some great ideas for creating the best selling crafts.

Craft supply store

Head to your local craft supply store. They will quite often have made up crafts on display, and some of these may just give you some great ideas. Once again, never copy, but when the imagination is open to ideas, you will come up with something just by looking around.

The above will take up the most time when you are starting a craft business. Once you have some ideas, then you need to follow this next list:


Where can you get supplies for this product to make the best selling crafts? Can you get enough product or will it be special order? If you buy in bulk, can you get a better price. This will help out your bottom line. Some stores, such as fabric stores will sometimes order large batches for you for a good price.


How long will it take to make this product? Can you shorten the time without too many shortcuts? Could you have someone else cut out patterns for example, pay them and still make money?

Pricing for the Best Selling Crafts

Once you have purchased all the supplies necessary to make this product, you need to work out just how much you can charge. Work out the supply cost, and time yourself. You will obviously get faster as you go, but this is a good rough guess. Some people just double the supply costs, but this is not always reasonable. You wouldn't work at the factory for .50 cents an hour, so you need to create the best selling crafts that also will cover a reasonable labor charge, otherwise it is still a hobby.

This part is really important. If you are wanting to make money at this craft business, you need to stay on top of your expenses and time needed for these products.

This is the way to create the best selling crafts, it is good to concentrate on one or two products, maybe different colors and themes, but basically the same product, so that you can leave things setup for making them. Unless you are creating unique pieces of art, then that is a different category, you need to be in art shows or galleries, but for the best selling crafts to sell at craft shows, you need to be able to create a lot of stock, that is high quality and something useful.

One Example of the Best Selling Craftsbest selling crafts (26763)


I recently went to an outside craft show at a fall fair, and it was a cold day. Most people were feeling the cold, and one senior lady had the right idea for the best selling crafts that day. She knitted hats and mittens. She also ventured into soft fleece scarves and fleece mittens. But basically her entire craft booth was filled with this simple large stitched thick mittens (that she was able to knit quite quickly)

They sold like hot cakes that day! She had to call in her family to bring every mitten she had at home as sales were booming! People were buying them and then wearing them so they could continue having fun at the fair.

She was certainly thinking when it came to creating the best selling crafts. She knew she was going to be outside, and from that point on has always done the early spring and late fall craft shows that are outside, as the weather is cooler, and spends the summer making them, since she felt they would not sell in the summer.

So, you have to get creative and you will come up with the best selling crafts for your business.


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